YouTube: Ray Comfort’s “Evolution v. God” (Living Waters)


News of Note: “MoreTornadoes Hit Oklahoma”


1. Tornadoes and Major Storms Hit Oklahoma and Missouri

“5 dead in tornado in Oklahoma City area, 50 hurt” (Yahoo News)

“5/31/2013 Brandon Sullivan Hit By Tornado Debris Northwest of Union City, OK” – Footage of tornado in Oklahoma from storm chasers (YouTube)

“5/31/2013 El Reno Massive Wedge Tornado” – Video footage from storm chaser Jim Sullivan of tornado coming within a few yards of his vehicle. (YouTube)

2. “Calvinism committee issues report, urges SBC to ‘stand together’ for Great Commission” – Southern Baptist Convention releases report from Calvinism committee. (The Baptist Press)

“We affirm that Southern Baptists stand together in a commitment to cooperate in Great Commission ministries,” the report says. “We affirm that, from the very beginning of our denominational life, Calvinists and non-Calvinists have cooperated together. We affirm that these differences should not threaten our eager cooperation in Great Commission ministries. “We deny that the issues now discussed among us should in any way undermine or hamper our work together if we grant one another liberty and extend to one another charity in these differences. Neither those insisting that Calvinism should dominate Southern Baptist identity nor those who call for its elimination should set the course for our life together.” Southern Baptists, the report says, should “not only acknowledge but celebrate the distinctive contributions made by the multiple streams of our Southern Baptist heritage.” – Frank Page on the recently released report from the Calvinism committee to the SBC, Baptist Press

3. “Retrospect- Ray Comfort” – Video interview with Living Waters and Way of the Master founder, Ray Comfort. (Vimeo)

Retrospect- Ray Comfort from WithHeartsUnited on Vimeo.

4. “A Modern Day Downgrade, Parts 1 and 2” – SBC pastor J.D. Hall calls Southern Baptist Convention to repentance. Message is from the 2013 Reformation Montana Conference. A must listen! (J.D. Hall’s Pulpit and Pen)

News of Note


1. “America’s First Big Digital Defeat” – Majority of U.N. members vote for governments to close off access to the Internet in their countries (The Wall Street Journal).

2. “One year later after the passing of your wife, what have you learned?” – R.C. Sproul, Jr. on the one year anniversary of his wife’s death (Highlands Ministries).

3. “Bill Maher Led a Promiscuous, Cocaine-Dealing Atheist to Christ” – Testimony at this years Together for the Gospel conference from John Joseph, a former cocaine-dealing atheist, who came to Christ because of a Bill Maher video (ThoughtLife).

4. “Film Producer accuses Church of Hate Speech” – Evangelist Ray Comfort accuses church in New Zealand of hate speech for posting billboard implying that Jesus was a homosexual (Christian News Net).

“This is a subtle form of hate speech. These people profess to be a Christian church but they are like a sentry falling asleep on duty. They are betraying those they are supposed to be protecting. How much do I have to hate homosexuals to lie to them about what the Bible says?” – Ray Comfort

5. “The 12 Best-selling MacArthur works” – Jesse Johnson lists twelve of John MacArthurs best selling books. You may be surprised by the results. (The Cripplegate)

A Quick Review of Ray Comfort’s “Genius”



Ray Comfort and the makers of “180” have just released their new thirty-minute documentary called “Genius” on the life of The Beatles John Lennon. The first part of the movie focuses on John Lennon’s early life and his association with the Beatles and ends with the tragic murder of Lennon outside his New York apartment building by Mark David Chapman in December 1980. After a few funny clips of some people Comfort interviews asking them who John Lennon was, Comfort later poses more serious questions to his interviewees one of which was, “Would you murder someone for $10 million if you could get away with it?” Surprisingly, many of them said yes. Surprising in the fact that they not only would say yes to the possibility of committing murder, but they would make admissions of this fact in front of a camera for an audience to see (don’t they realize that law enforcement officials may be watching this video).

Thankfully, Comfort interviews some people who would say that they would not murder anyone for any amount of money. Comfort points out to both his audience and to his interviewees that the reason why they answered the question the way they did is a moral one. Comfort then poses a follow up question to his interviewees by asking them, “Where do you get your moral standards from?” Comfort then explains to them that the ones who said yes to murder do not believe in God and therefore have no ultimate moral standard to follow. The ones who said no to murder believe in God who has established a moral standard to follow. We later see Comfort establish this fact as he interviews more people and open air preaches. Comfort ends the video by presenting the gospel to each of his interviewees and reveals some more interesting facts about Lennon.

I really enjoyed and highly recommend this video for evangelistic purposes. This video follows the same law and gospel format as “180” in its interview and evangelism style which is clear and direct in its approach. The new twist is that Comfort uses a more presuppositional apologetic approach to evangelism by asking the people that he interviewed where do they get their moral standards from once he asked them a few initial questions. I don’t think I’ve seen Comfort emphasize this approach before in his past videos, but I could be wrong.

What’s disturbing about the video is how some of Comfort’s interviewees would admit on camera that they would murder someone at any price. This is clear evidence of a society that is in moral decline when a person will not only admit to the possibility of committing murder for money, but moreover have no problems admitting this on camera. This is a direct consequence of this society’s acceptance of abortion on demand, and is currently on course to accept euthanasia as our European cousins are beginning to promote. Apologist Francis Schaeffer describes this type of society as the “Culture of Death”. This is a truly scary time that we are living in. Thank God for people like Ray Comfort who continue to faithfully proclaim the gospel under such circumstances. The video is available to watch for free on YouTube or you can purchase the video at the “Living Waters Ministry” website.

News of Note

1. “Genius The Movie Trailer” – The trailer for “Genius” the new documentary by Ray Comfort and the makers of “180”. Movie will be released on December 8.

2. “Rick Warren Uncertain if Homosexual Behavior is Sinful, Says ‘Gays’ Go to Heaven” – Post from Heather Clark of Christian News Network related to Rick Warren’s interview with the Huffington Post’s Marc Lamont Hill on the subject of homosexuality.

3. “My Gay Roommate” – Denny Burk on Eric Teetsel’s video testimony about a former gay roommate who had to make a decision between homosexuality and Christ.

4. “Paul & Tedd Tripp $1.99 Grab Bag” – $1.99 sale price on selected Paul and David Tripp e-books including “Shepherding A Child’s Heart” and “Instructing A Child’s Heart” (Gospel ebooks).

5. “Fox News and the Republican Party Are Not Your Friends” – Todd Friel on why Fox News and the Republican Party may be parting ways with Evangelical Christians (The Christian Post).