Quote of the Day: “This is Our Auschwitz” – Owen Strachan

“The third undercover video exposing Planned Parenthood from the Center for Medical Progress is out. By now, the takeaway from this media is clear: this is our Auschwitz.

“Some might recoil at this statement. Wait a minute, they’re thinking, cool your jets. Auschwitz was a concentration camp. That’s not Planned Parenthood. In the simplest terms, no, Planned Parenthood is not a concentration camp. It is not performing ethnic cleansing (anymore). It performs certain medical services that are of value to women. But for decades, the real “value added” function of the organization has been this: it has provided a safe and legal way for the killing and disposal of babies.

“Sometimes, people make this connection where it’s not warranted. This, however, is a cultural moment that put things in black and white. Planned Parenthood is facilitating preposterous acts of evil. In its abortion-and-fetal-tissue-business, it is doing the following: 1) killing innocent lives, 2) desecrating their bodies, and 3) profiting from these bodies.

“Our muddy moral moment might obscure this searing truth: we are not simply keeping up to speed with the Nazis. We are outpacing them. Planned Parenthood is operating by a for-profit motive that was largely alien to the Third Reich. The point of the Final Solution was not profit. It was extinction of the Jews and other disposable persons. But for Planned Parenthood, extinction is not enough. They want to make money off of slaughter.

“Meanwhile, the public watches them do it, impassive, uncertain, feeling powerless—some combination of all three. What else would you expect from a populace that has been indoctrinated on this very matter?

“Perhaps now we understand how so many Germans could turn a blind eye as one gold-star-wearer after another was removed from the apartment building. A great disappearance has happened among us. Abortion is responsible for an anti-rapture. The tiny and defenseless have vanished, and we are left to wonder where they have gone.”

(Owen Strachan, “Planned Parenthood Is Our Auschwitz”)


News of Note: “TAXGATE CONTINUES” (IRS Targeted Pro-life Groups and Prominent Catholic Professor)


IRS Scandal Deepens (UPDATED)

“James Bovard: A Brief History of IRS Political Targeting” – Wall Street Journal article on how the IRS has used and abused its power in past administrations. (Wall Street Journal)

“In almost every administration since the IRS’s inception the information and power of the tax agency have been mobilized for explicitly political purposes.” – James Bovard quoting David Burnham

“The Taxman vs. the Tea Party” – Ross Douthat New York Times article on the IRS Tea Party scandal. (New York Times)

“Where might an enterprising, public-spirited I.R.S. agent get the idea that a Tea Party group deserved more scrutiny from the government than the typical band of activists seeking tax-exempt status? Oh, I don’t know: why, maybe from all the prominent voices who spent the first two years of the Obama era worrying that the Tea Party wasn’t just a typically messy expression of citizen activism, but something much darker — an expression of crypto-fascist, crypto-racist rage, part Timothy McVeigh and part Bull Connor, potentially carrying a wave of terrorist violence in its wings. The historical term for this kind of anxiety is “Brown Scare” — an inordinate fear of a vast far-right conspiracy, which resembles the anti-Communist panics of our past. As the historian Philip Jenkins wrote in 2009, Brown Scares no less than Red Scares recur throughout American history. They fasten on real-enough phenomena, from homegrown fascist sympathizers in the 1930s to the militia movements in the 1990s, but then wildly exaggerate both the danger these extremists pose and their ties to the conservative mainstream.” – Ross Douthat

“The IRS wants YOU — to share everything” – POLITICO’s article on the IRS scandal related to audits of Tea Party and conservative groups. (POLITICO)

“Several of the (tea party) groups were asked for résumés of top officers and descriptions of interviews with the media. One group was asked to provide “minutes of all board meetings since your creation.” Some of the letters asked for copies of the groups’ Web pages, blog posts and social media postings — making some tea party members worry they’d be punished for their tweets or Facebook comments by their followers.” – David Nather Tarini Parti and Byron Tau

“Why Would the IRS Target Billy Graham?” – Joe Carter explains why the IRS would target Billy Graham’s ministry. (The Gospel Coalition)

“Within a few months this scandal will fade from memory, and all that will be left is the rules and regulations that are put in place to prevent further abuses. Closer scrutiny will likely prevent such direct harassment by the IRS from getting out of control in the future, but these incidents have revealed that Bible-believing Christians have fully entered an era when our values are considered not just wrong, but hostile and worthy of suppression. Are we prepared for the abuse that will come from being faithful to God’s Word?” – Joe Carter

‘Very Frightening’: Prominent Catholic Prof. Claims IRS Audited Her After Speaking Out Against Obama and Demanded to Know Who Was Paying Her – Prominent Catholic professor claims that IRS audited her after writing critical articles about the Obama Administration, Obamacare, and liberal Catholic agencies who supported the president’s policies. (The Blaze)

“In the midst of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) scandal, individuals and groups, alike, are continuing to come forward with ever-startling allegations. On Wednesday, Dr. Anne Hendershott, a devout Catholic and a noted sociologist, professor and author, exclusively told The Blaze that she believes she may have been one of the IRS’s targets.” – Billy Hallowell

“IRS Scandal Grows: Agency Withheld Approval of Pro-Life Group” – Pro-life groups claim to have been audited by the IRS. Groups claim that IRS intentionally withheld tax exempt status. (Life Site News)

“Now, the Thomas More Society is speaking out about blatant bias by the supposedly apolitical tax-collection agency. The pro-life legal group informed LifeNews today that cases it handled support mounting accusations that demonstrate the agency’s abuse of pro-life organizations, in addition to those identified as ‘tea party’, ‘patriot’, or ‘government spending’ groups.” – Steven Ertelt

“IRS Told Pro-Life Group Not to Picket Planned Parenthood” – Pro-life group audited by IRS advised not to picket Planned Parenthood. IRS implied to another pro-life group that they had to include pro-abortion balance to their programming. (Fox News)

“The Internal Revenue Service allegedly told an Iowa pro-life group they had to sign documents promising not to protest or picket Planned Parenthood and they told a Texas pro-life organization they had to promote abortion, according to documents obtained by Fox News.” – Todd Starnes

News of Note: “Jesus Died Because of Taxes? Martin Bashir Sets Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly Straight”



1. “Martin Bashir Explains the Gospel to Bill O’Reilly” – Bill O’Reilly claims that Jesus died over taxes? Martin Bashir sets him straight. (The Gospel Coalition); Here is the Martin Bashir YouTube segment from Wretched:

2. “Our President Blesses Sin; God Help Us” – Dr. Ken Hutcherson on President Obama blessing Planned Parenthood and supporting basketball player Jason Collins. (Christian Post)

3. “Religious battle lines” – Edward Lee Pitts on the military punishing and possibly court martialing Christian soldiers who prosthelytize. (World Magazine)

4. “The World’s Muslims: Religion, Politics and Society” – The Pew Forum’s study on Muslims and their attitudes on jihad and sharia law. It’s not good. (The Pew Forum)

5. “Calls for group marriage after gay marriage legalised in NZ” – Advocates now want polygamy legalized after gay marriage legalized in New Zealand. (The Christian Institute)