News of Note


1. “Morally Straight? The Transformation of the Boy Scouts of America” – Al Mohler on the Boy Scouts of America reversing its policy on allowing homosexual scouts and leaders into its membership. (

2. “American Pastor Sentenced to Eight Years in Prison in Iran for Planting House Churches” – Iranian born American pastor Saeed Abedini is sentenced to eight years in prison for planting house churches in Iran. (Christian News)

3. “Mississippi May Close Down Its Last Abortion Facility” – Health Department may close down Mississippi’s last abortion clinic. (LifeSite News)

4. “Mennonite pastor who helped girl escape lesbian ‘mother’ sent to jail for refusing to testify” – Mennoite pastor jailed by judge for contempt of court for refusing to testify in case involving girl he helped to escape mother who is a lesbian. (The Christian Post)

5. “Sovereign Grace Ministries: Courts Shouldn’t ‘Second-Guess’ Pastoral Counseling of Sex Abuse Victims” – Interesting article from Christianity Today about Sovereign Grace Ministries possible use of the First Amendment as a defense against a lawsuit alleging child molestation charges. (Christianity Today); Ken Silva also has a post about the Sovereign Grace Ministries lawsuit.

6. “Is Mark Driscoll Racist?” – Leon Brown’s post on comments made by Jerlani Greenidge’s article implying that Mark Driscoll is racist because of his tweet about President Obama. (The Aquila Report)


News of Note


1.  “How Did This Happen? The Family Crisis as a Theological Crisis” – Al Mohler; Al on why the current family crisis in western culture is a theological one. 

2.    “Mississippi May Become First Abortion-Free State as Hospitals Refuse Last Abortion Facility” – Heather Clark;  Mississippi may become the first abortion free state (Christian News).

3.  “Where Did It All Go Wrong? ” – R.C. Sproul, Jr. – R.C. answers where did it all go wrong for the United States (Highland Mnistries). 

4.  “Heath Lambert on the Problem of Pornography” – Denny Burk; Denny refers to Heath Lambert’s excellent article “On the Problem with Pornography” from The Council of Biblical Manhood and Womanhood (CBMW).  Pornography may be a bigger problem within evangelicalism especially with Christian leaders.

5.  “An Interview with Paul Washer” – Tim Challies interviews Paul Washer about his latest book “The Gospel’s Power and Message” and his ministry.