News of Note

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1. “The Reality That Awaits Women in Combat” – Former Marine Ryan Smith’s Wall Street Journal article describes the realities facing women in combat now that the restriction has been lifted banning them from serving in the front lines of combat. Denny Burk also responds to Ryan Smith’s Wall Street Journal article.

2. “Co-ed Combat and Cultural Cowardice” – A 2007 article from John Piper commenting about women in combat. (Desiring God Ministires)

3. “Andy Stanley: President Obama Should Be Called Pastor-in-Chief” – More from Ken Silva and Erin Benziger on Andy Stanley’s pre-inaugural sermon. (Apprising Ministries)

4. “Do People, by Nature, Have a Free Will to Come to Christ?” – John Hendryx answers a question about free will as it relates to salvation. (Reformation Theology)


News of Note

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1. “Pre-Inauguration sermon tells Obama he’s ‘pastor-in-chief’– Evangelical pastor, Andy Stanley, states during pre-inaugural sermon that President Obama should be called “Pastor in Chief”. (The Washington Examiner); The Christian Post also has a story on the Andy Stanley incident: “Pastor Andy Stanley Calls Obama ‘Pastor-in-Chief’ During Pre-Inauguration Sermon”.

2. “A Roomful of Yearning and Regret” – New York Times article on the awful cost and consequences of a marital affair. (New York Times)

3. “Women in Combat and the Undoing of Civilization” – Denny Burk comments on Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta’s removing a restriction banning women serving in the front lines of combat. (

4. “Creepy’ Pro-Abortion Commercial Celebrating 40th ‘Anniversary’ of Roe v. Wade Disgusts Viewers” – Christian News article on the creepy and highly criticized pro-abortion video made by the Center for Reproductive Rights celebrating the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. (Christian News); Douglas Wilson also weighs in on this video: “On the Altar of Eight Thrusts” (Blog & Mablog)

5. “After 40 Years…Babies Are (Still) Murdered Here. .” – The following is the second trailer of Crown Rights Media’s upcoming documentary on abortion called “Babies Are Murdered Here” (Viewer Discretion Advised):