News of Note


1. Articles from the Christian Post on Ben Carson’s speech becoming a YouTube Sensation and President Obama nominating first openly gay judge to the Federal Appeals Court:

“Neurosurgeon Ben Carson’s Politically Incorrect Speech at Prayer Breakfast a YouTube Sensation” – Born again Christian Ben Carson’s speech at the National Prayer Breakfast becomes a YouTube sensation. In a related article, The Wall Street Journal calls Ben Carson to run for president: “Ben Carson for President”. If you missed watching it, here’s the video of Dr. Carson’s speech:

“Obama Nominates First Openly Gay Federal Appeals Court Judge” – President Obama nominates Justice Department attorney Todd M. Hughes to be the Federal Appeals Court first openly gay judge.

2. “Making a Child, Minus the Couple” – New York Times article about people in their forties who are participating in “co-parenting” or “parenting partnership” relationships which involves individuals with no intention of having a romantic relatinship, but decide to have a child and parent that child together. (New York Times)

3. “An Evangelical Looks at Pope Benedict XVI” – Russell Moore comments on the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI. (First Things)

4. “You May Not Like ‘em, but You Must Love ‘em” – Erik Raymond and D. Martyn-Lloyd Jones explains the difference between “liking” and “loving” someone. (The Ordinary Pastor)

5. “Les Miserables ROK Air Force Parody Les Militaribles” – Republic of Korea Airforce’s video spoof of Les Miserables goes viral on YouTube:


News Of Note


1. “Husbands: A Tip that Could Save Your Marriage” – Erik Raymond gives a tip to husbands that could save their marriage (The Ordinary Pastor).

2. More coverage on the Louie Giglio/ presidential inaugural incident: UPDATED

“Louie Giglio Is No Hero To Be Admired” – Ken Silva comments on why Louie Giglio should not be a hero we should admire (Apprising Ministires).

“Giglio Outed as Evangelical: Are your views public enough for attack?” – Clint Archer on the Louie Giglio incident and asks Christians, “Are your “Christian views public enough for attack?” (The Cripplegate)

“Atlanta’s Rev. Giglio withdraws from Obama inauguration amid controversy” – Giglio nor his publicist will make a comment on where Giglio stands regarding homosexuality (Atlanta Constitution-Journal).

3. E-book Deals:

“ESV Online MacArthur Study Bible on Sale for $5.99” – ESV online MacArthur Study Bible is on sale for a limited time (Crossway).

John Samson’s “Twelve What Abouts: Answering Common Objections Concerning God’s Sovereignty in Election” is now on sale for $4.99 (Monergism Books).

News of Note


1. Two helpful articles from Ligonier Ministries to start the new year right:

“Bible Reading Plans for 2013” – Nathan Bingham gives some suggestions on how to improve your Bible reading for 2013 (Ligonier Blog).

“5 Ways to Pray for Your Pastor in 2013” – Nicholas Batzig on five ways you can pray for your pastor (Ligonier Blog).

2. “2013 Bible Reading Plans and Helps…” – Eric Young gives more suggestions to improve your Bible reading for 2013 (Reformed Bibliophile).

3. “Reflections on Newtown: In Adam All Sin” – R.C. Sproul, Jr. explains why we are also reflections of Adam Lanza’s sin (Ligonier Blog).

4. “True Religion” – What makes true religion? Erik Raymond gives us the answer (The Ordinary Pastor).