News of Note


1. Two helpful articles from Ligonier Ministries to start the new year right:

“Bible Reading Plans for 2013” – Nathan Bingham gives some suggestions on how to improve your Bible reading for 2013 (Ligonier Blog).

“5 Ways to Pray for Your Pastor in 2013” – Nicholas Batzig on five ways you can pray for your pastor (Ligonier Blog).

2. “2013 Bible Reading Plans and Helps…” – Eric Young gives more suggestions to improve your Bible reading for 2013 (Reformed Bibliophile).

3. “Reflections on Newtown: In Adam All Sin” – R.C. Sproul, Jr. explains why we are also reflections of Adam Lanza’s sin (Ligonier Blog).

4. “True Religion” – What makes true religion? Erik Raymond gives us the answer (The Ordinary Pastor).