News of Note: “Is Great Britain Finally Recognizing Anti-Christian Persecution in the Middle East?”


1. “Labour: We must ‘do God’ to fight anti-Christian persecution” (Telegraph U.K.)

“The Labour Party has admitted that politicians should stop feeling a “sense of embarrassment” about discussing God. Douglas Alexander, a senior frontbencher, suggested that public figures have allowed “political correctness” to prevent them talking about faith and the persecution of Christians in the Middle East. In a thinly-veiled attack on the Tony Blair era, when Alastair Campbell, the then communications director in Downing Street, said “we don’t do God”, Mr Alexander warned that people should have the courage to speak up for Christians without fear of causing offence. Mr Alexander, the shadow foreign secretary, spoke out to voice his concerns about growing harassment and attacks suffered by Christians in the Middle East. Writing in the Telegraph, he warns that the mounting persecution of Christians is a “story that goes largely untold”, describing those who have spoken out on the issue, including the Prince of Wales, as lone voices.” – Edward Malnick, Telegraph U.K.

2. “Lesbian United Methodist Ministers ‘Wed’ in Seattle Despite Possible Church Discipline” – Lesbian United Metodist Ministers wed despite the threat of church discipline. (Christian News)

“Two United Methodist ministers recently ‘wed’ each other in a ceremony in Seattle, Washington despite the possibility that they could face disciplinary action for violating Church law. Joanne Carlson Brown, 60, of Tibbetts United Methodist Church and Christie Newbill, 65, of Woodland Park United Methodist Church tied the knot at a ceremony at Brown’s church on December 7th. District Superintendent Patricia Simpson officiated the ceremony, which was attended by approximately 300 supporters.” – Heather Clark, Christian News Network

3. “The university professor who stood up against dumbing down of degrees” – 2010 Telegraph U.K. article on university professor Paul Buckland’s stand against the dumbing down of degrees. (Telegraph U.K.)

“When Professor Paul Buckland settled down in his garden one summer’s evening to mark exam papers from his second-year archaeology students, he was expecting the usual range of responses. But it soon became clear that the scripts had plummeted to new depths of ignorance. In one paper, the decline of elm trees was attributed to diseases passed on by dogs. Next, a student explained that the volcanic eruption in Pompeii had “changed the pattern of human evolution”. By the time he read that farming caused smaller jaws in humans, his head was practically in his hands. The professor failed 18 out of the 60 papers he marked. And that was where his problems began. . . ” – Julie Henry, Telegraph U.K.

4. “5 Things Christians Should Stop Saying” – Jason Johnson gives five things Christians should stop saying. (Jason Johnson Blog)

5. “Latest Societal Trend Exemplifies Continued Breakdown of Family Structure” – Report on co-parenting the latest trend in modern day parenting. (Christian News)

“Normally, co-parent hopefuls browse online databases, looking for another person who would match their interests and personalities. Overall, the premise behind co-parenting is that parenthood does not have to be based on love and commitment, but can instead be founded upon a contract where both parents share child-rearing responsibilities. “All a child needs to develop and grow is attention, encouragement and love,” says Ivan Fatovic, founder of one of today’s most popular co-parenting sites. “A modern family unit can provide that as well a traditional one. We’re all looking for healthy, happy, and balanced children.” “Growing divorce rates combined with people waiting increasingly longer to get married and have children are leading indicators pointing towards a society where co-parenting has the potential to be much more prevalent,” he added. Earlier this month, ABC News highlighted the story of Rachel Hope of Los Angeles. Hope has two children, ages 22 and 4, who were both raised with different fathers. Now, Hope is searching for yet another man to serve as a co-parent.” – Garrett Haley

YouTube interview with co-parenting advocate Rachel Hope (Sunrise):


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