Notable Quotable: “The Hidden Controversy Behind Duck Dynasty” – Josh Buice

Phil Robertson

“Many are amazed that it has taken the liberal left so long to actually call the Duck Dynasty family on the carpet for their views on marriage and sexuality.  Why has it taken so long to pick up on their language?  That being said, I’m asking another question this morning.  Why has it taken so long for the Christian community to pick up on their language of “baptismal regeneration” in their YouTube sermons and religious speaking engagements?  What exactly is the Duck Dynasty gospel?  Why isn’t anyone talking about the evangelistic ministry of the Robertson’s church (White’s Ferry Road Church of Christ) called – “We Care” led by Larry West?  He clearly articulates baptismal regeneration in his video “Step Into The Water, Is Baptism Essential?” which can be accessed directly from the website.  In fact, the mere question of baptismal regeneration and Duck Dynasty in a conversation with Christians today may cause people to turn on you for “picking on” the Robertson family or it may just result in a room full of yawns.

“I agree with much of what Phil Robertson and his family believe regarding politics, the state of our nation, gun rights, hunting rights, and more.  I laugh at their “southern style” jokes.  I watch the show.  I applaud Phil Robertson’s comments on the issues of sexual sin – after all – they originated in the Bible.  However, I must draw the line when it comes to the gospel of Christ.  When I listen to the Robertson family share the gospel I’m constantly frustrated with their language of “believe in Jesus and get in the water.”  The greater controversy to me is not that it has taken so long for America and the LGBT community to pick up on the biblical language of the Robertson family related to sexual sin.  The hidden controversy has yet to be discussed openly.  Why has it taken so long for the church to discern the language of baptismal regeneration that is continually overflowing from the gospel presentations of the Duck Dynasty family. Could it be that the church is using the Duck Dynasty phenomenon in much the same way that A&E has been using them?  We need to be clear on where we stand on human sexuality.  Even more importantly is where we stand on the issue of the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

(Josh Buice, “Duck Dynasty – The Hidden Controversy” , Delivered by Grace)


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