Notable Quotable: “The West Has Amputated It’s Soul Moving Away from Biblical Values and Christian Heritage That Built Modern Society” – Vishal Mangalwadi

vishwal_magdawali (2)

“The United States will start the next world war to restructure the global economy and avoid repaying its debts, dragging Australia with it, predicts an Indian futurologist and social reformer.

“Vishal Mangalwadi’s second scenario is nearly as apocalyptic: social collapse and violence in the streets when Western countries can no longer afford social welfare due to the collapse of tax revenue, with far more suicides and pressure for euthanasia of the elderly.

“These frightening futures are likely because ”the West has amputated its soul”, moving away from the biblical values and Christian heritage that built modern society, Dr Mangalwadi told a seminar at the Victorian Parliament on Friday.

“But they were not inevitable, he said. The solution was for the churches to move into full-time education, using their facilities as schools and universities, with online professors helped by youth pastors and teachers on site.

“This could rebuild a society that valued morality and conscience, while giving more people access to high-quality education far more cheaply than the present university system, he suggested.”

(Barney Zwartz on Vishal Mangalwadi’s prediction of the consequences of Christianity’s collapse in the West, “Philosopher warns of danger through Christianity collapse”, The Age)


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