Notable Quotable: “Our Theology Is To Be Shot Through With Holiness” – Carl Trueman


“Theology, whether that of the high-powered scholar or the average church member, is to be shot through with holiness. The trivial way in which theology is pursued in church, but especially in the evangelical academy, is a sign that hard times are ahead. Indeed, it is a sign that the God with whom we have to do in these places is certainly not the God of the Bible. Woe to those who treat the word of God as a light thing; woe to those who argue theology as if it were merely one more area of academic interest where scholars can disagree; woe to those whose books and articles on God or his Bible leave give no sense of his awesome holiness. We who aspire to be teachers and yet who tread on the holiness of God as if it were a light thing: beware, for we stand in danger of leading little ones astray and it would be better for us if we had never been born. Pray that God grant us all an overwhelming sense of who he is.”

(Carl Trueman, “On Meeting Joe Frazier: The Missing Element of Modern Theology”, Reformation 21)


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