News of Note: California’s Governor Brown Passes Bill Allowing Transgender Students to Choose Bathrooms or Locker Rooms of Their Choice” (UPDATED: Russell Moore, Rick Pearcey, and The American Spectator’s commentary on Gov. Brown’s new bill)


1. Governor Brown signs transgender student bill (UPDATED: 08/15)

“Conservative Christianity and the transgender question” – Russell Moore on conservative Christianity, the church, and the transgender question. (Washington Post)

“Our transgendered neighbors will disagree with us, of course, that discipleship means an acceptance of who we are as men and women, and that our selves are not separate from our bodies. We should expect such disagreements. But we believe we can no more surgically alter our gospel than we can surgically alter our gender. All we can do is say what we believe as Christians: that all of us are sinners, and that none of us are freaks. We must conclude that all of us are called to repentance, and part of what repentance means is to receive the gender with which God created us, even when that’s difficult. We must affirm that God loves all persons, and that the gospel is good news for repentant prodigal sons and daughters, even for those who have trouble figuring out which is which.” – Russell Moore, Washington Post

“California Considers Punishing Youth Groups Against Homosexuality as ‘Bathroom Bill’ Becomes Law” – Christian News reports that California legislature is considering passing bill punishing youth groups who are against homosexuality. (Christian News)

“On the same day that the governor of California signed a bill into law mandating that boys who identify as girls be allowed to use girls’ bathrooms and vice versa, a California committee approved legislation which would cause any non-profit organizations that do not embrace homosexuals to lose tax-exempt status. Senate Bill 323 (SB323) was first introduced in mid-February by Ricardo Lara, a Democratic state senator from Los Angeles. Lara is himself an open homosexual, as well as a member of the California Legislative LGBT Caucus. According to the bill’s introduction, SB323 would “provide that an organization that is a public charity youth organization that discriminates on the basis of gender identity, race, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, or religious affiliation is not exempt from [state taxes]. Later in the legislation, approximately 25 youth organizations are specifically listed as entities that would have to embrace these “gender identity” and “sexual orientation” guidelines, or else lose their tax-exempt standing. Little League, Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, Young Men’s Christian Association, Young Women’s Christian Association, Future Farmers of America, Future Homemakers of America, 4-H Clubs, Boys’ Clubs, and Girls’ Clubs are all included.” – Garrett Hayley, Christian News

“No Restroom for the Virtuous” – The American Spectator’s commentary on Governor Brown’s new bill. (The American Spectator)

“Government school children in California may now use whichever restroom they choose and may go out for any boys or girls school athletic team they wish. This legislation was brought about for the care and comfort of what are called transgendered students, whether the transgendering has been surgical or just in the student’s mind. This fits neatly with the Gospel According to the Left, which holds… that sex of the old-fashioned anatomical kind is of no account, that men and women and boys and girls are interchangeable, and there are all manner of niche sexes out there, combinations and permutations to be discovered, appreciated, and catered to. California may be the first state in the nation forced to outlaw personal pronouns, there being too many possibilities for the human mind to grapple with in its progressive precincts. This surreal legislation, no one should be surprised, was written by a Democrat, one Assemblyman Tom Ammiano of — big surprise coming here – San Francisco. (If California is a planet, San Francisco is its brightest and gaudiest ring.) Ammiano, who is gay, insists his legislation will make school life easier for transgendered students. He has so far, however, had little to say about the chaos this will cause the overwhelmingly larger group of students who are comfortable with the sex assigned to them at birth. Carlos Alcala, a spokesman for Ammiano, gave the following world-class understatement to the San Jose Mercury News: “Clearly, there are some parents who are not going to like it.” Ya think? Probably a student or two as well.” – Larry Thornberry, The American Spectator

“Stage Set for Molestations, Privacy Violations in California Schools” – Rick Pearcey on the possible consequences of the new transgender student bill in California. (The Pearcey Report)

“California Gov. Brown signs transgender-student bill” – Governor Brown signs transgender student bill allowing transgender students to pick which bathrooms or locker rooms they want to use. (Fox News)

2. DC mayor disinvites Gospel singer Donnie McClurkin for claiming that he is ex-gay

“D.C. Mayor axes gospel singer from MLK memorial concert because he is an ‘ex-gay’” – Life Site article on Gospel singer Donnie McClurkin being axed by DC mayor for his stance on homosexuality. (Life Site News)

“Why the Gay Agenda Is Attacking Ex-Homosexual Donnie McClurkin” – Janet Boynes explains why Gospel singer Donnie McClurkin is being attacked by the gay agenda. (Charisma News)

“Put simply, there is no civil rights struggle for homosexuals. While there is some validity to claims of discrimination based on sexual orientation, it has been blown far out of proportion. I have suffered far more discrimination being a black woman than I ever did for being a butch lesbian. Many claims of homophobia are intended to create a victim mentality within the homosexual community and a belief that homosexuals are being oppressed in society at large. This tactic has played well in media circles and in political arenas and has gained many supporters for the normalization of the homosexual lifestyle and the campaign for same-sex marriage. However, the desire for the legitimization of a lifestyle does not equal a struggle for existence and equal rights. Homosexual rights are not, nor should they be considered, a civil rights struggle.” – Janet Boynes, Charisma News

“DC Mayor Disinvites Famed Gospel Singer From Civil Rights Concert Over Stance on Homosexuality” – DC Mayor disinvites Gospel singer Donnie McClurkin because of his claim that he was delivered from homosexual lifestyle. (Christian News)

“Donnie McClurkin; Banned From MLK Concert, by LGBT Intolerance” (YouTube)

3. Articles from Religious News Service on growing acceptance of homosexuals among Evangelicals and Mormons

“Evangelical ‘Messy Middle’ is more accepting of gays” – Religious News Service article on the evangelical ‘messy middle’ being more accepting of gays. (Religious News Service)

“Writer sees growing gay acceptance among Mormons” – Salt Lake Tribute article from gay Mormon who believes there is a growing acceptance of homosexuals among Mormons. (Religious News Services)

4. “Ten Things Pastors Like Least about Their Jobs” – Thorn Ranier lists ten things pastors like least about their jobs. (ThornRanier)


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