News of Note: “Airman Facing Punishment for Expressing Religious Views About Homosexuality on Facebook”

Air_Force_Chapilancy (2)

1. “Airman Facing Punishment for Religious Beliefs” – Airmen who is a chaplin’s assistant faces punishment from the Air Force for expressing her religiou views about homosexuality on her Facebook page. (Fox News)

“An Air Force chaplain’s assistant said she was accused of creating a “hostile and antagonistic” environment after she posted a message on her personal Facebook page calling homosexuality a sin. The airman, who asked not to be identified, said her commander ordered her to either remove the Facebook message or face a reduction in rank and pay. “I haven’t taken it down and I won’t take it down,” she told Fox News. “It is frustrating that people are trying to silence me – for something that I believe in. We fight for the freedom that I can’t enjoy right now. That’s not right.” – Todd Starnes, Fox News

2. “How Do You Know When Someone Is Repentant?: 12 Signs” – Twelve signs that show true repentance. (The Gospel Coalition)

3. “Reading for Pastor Development” – Joe Thorn gives a list of books to read for pastor development. (JoeThorn)

4. “The A-Rod Problem” – David Brooks’ New York Times article on Yankees’ superstar Alex Rodriguez’s main problem. . . . himself. (New York Times)

5. “Are You a Part-Time Churchgoer? You May Be Surprised” – Trevin Wax on part-time churchgoers. Are you one? (Kingdom People)


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