News of Note: “Jay-Z and His Religion of Self”

Jay-Z (2)

1. “Jay-Z’s New Magna Carta: Follow the Religion of Self” – Bryant Parsons on music mogul Jay Z and his new religion of self. (Reformed African American Network)

“Everybody has a religion. We will either submit to the true God through faith in his Son Jesus, or we will establish our own reality. The latter is what the Bible refers to as idolatry; and it is evident from Jay-Z’s lyrics that it is the latter he is encouraging his listeners to choose to do. I would advise all of those reading who may have religious questions to check their motives. Do we genuinely want truth, or do we want to use our intellect to lay waste to any authority that keeps us from viewing the world the way we want to? I would also charge those who know the Lord to pray for our culture, and lovingly try to reach those like Jay-Z with the truth of Jesus Christ.” – Bryant Parsons, Reformed African American Network

2. “Too Many Old People?” – What does it mean when we find too many old people in the church? (Pyromaniacs)

3. Two articles by Al Mohler on the church and the digital age and America’s fertility rate linked to its religions views

“The Digital Divide: A Wake Up Call to Christian Leaders” – Al Mohler explains the importance of the digital age and the church’s need to utilize it as a resource. (The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary)

“And the Millennials are a formidable challenge as they move into adulthood. They represent the future buying public. Of course, The Wall Street Journal is interested in what this means for retailers and the business community, but the article is a wake-up call for the church and Christian leaders as well. Christian leaders who want to influence the Millennials and other young Americans must join them where they are — online — and in an effective manner. Otherwise, we will find ourselves talking only to older Americans. Churches that refuse to connect with people online will find themselves in the same peril as the shopping malls.” – Al Mohler, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“What’s Missing from this Picture?—Fertility on the Rise, Worldview on Display” – Is America’s fertility rate linked with its view of religion? (

4. “The Expository Sermon: Illustrations” – Why including illustrations in an expository sermon is important. (Leaders Don’t Panic)


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