News of Note: “Has King David’s Palace Been Found?”

King_David (2)

1. “Have Archaeologists Found King David’s Palace?” – John D. Currid of Reformed Theological Seminary reviews the the evidence of archaeologists’ recent claim that they have found remnants of King David’s palace in Israel. (The Gospel Coalition)

2. “How to keep Millennials in the church? Let’s keep church un-cool.’ – Brett McCracken responds to Rachel Held Evans’ article on how to keep Millenials in church. (The Washington Post)

“As a Millennial, if I’m truly honest with myself, what I really need from the church is not another yes-man entity enabling my hubris and giving me what I want. Rather, what I need is something bigger than me, older than me, bound by a truth that transcends me and a story that will outlast me; basically, something that doesn’t change to fit me and my whims, but changes me to be the Christ-like person I was created to be.” – Brett McCracken, Washington Post

3. “Dear BBC, please stop ignoring God” – Post on the BBC ignoring references to God made in their news reports, and Maureen Greaves’ statement after the court’s sentencing of the two men who murdered her husband. (God and Politics)

4. “Tragic Comic” – Russell Moore’s 2008 review of David Michaelis’biography depicting the tragic life of Peanuts’ creator Charles Schulz. (Touchstone)

“Only by finding himself in Christ’s story can a person find a way out of the illusions of eternity. In a biblical pattern, he can see himself as “hidden in Christ” (Col. 3:3): crucified with him, buried with him, resurrected with him, seated at the Father’s right hand with him. His story isn’t self-constructed or imagined but objectively before us, received in faith. According to this book, (Charles) Schulz’s deathbed was, to him, a pumpkin patch on the day after Halloween, haunted only by disappointment in a Being who never showed up. I hope the biography is wrong and that Charlie Brown’s maker made peace with his own. This past Christmas, I watched once again the Charlie Brown Christmas special, this time with my four young sons. And just as before, I wept at the lisping recitation of King James’s Luke. Charles Schulz may not have believed it, but, somewhere within him, a large-headed kid with a blanket did. I can only hope that Linus had the last word.” – Russell Moore, Touchstone

5. “3 Distinctive Aspects of Biblical Faith” – R.C. Sproul describes three distinct aspects of Biblical faith. (Ligonier Ministries)

6. “Jordan and Jessica’s Story” – Story of Jordan and Jessica who found each other after being widowed in their twenties. (


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