News of Note: “Desmond Tutu Would Rather Go to Hell than a Homophobic Heaven”


1. Desmond Tutu and other world leaders recent remarks about homosexuality

“Former ‘Archbishop’ Desmond Tutu: I Much Rather Prefer to Go to Hell Than a ‘Homophobic Heaven’” – Desmond Tutu stated during a recent public appearance that he would rather go to hell than a homophobic heaven. (Christian News)

“Three Church Leaders on Homosexuality” – Three church leaders and a political leader’s recent remarks on homosexuality. (Culture Watch)

2. “Rampant Biblical Illiteracy” – Bill Muehlenberg on western culture’s rampant Biblical illiteracy. (Culture Watch)

3. “The Extra Mile” – Dan Dumas tells pastors why it is better to be a plow horse rather than a show horse. (Leaders Don’t Panic)

4. “Spiritual Heroin and Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit: A Personal Testimony” – Tony Miano gives his personal testimony about his experiences with the Charismatic Movement. (Cross Encounters)

5. “How Can I Tell If I’m Called to Pastoral Ministry?” – Kevin DeYoung gives ten questions to consider if you think you are being called to pastoral ministry. (DeYoung, Restless, and Reformed)


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