News of Note: “Federal Court Rules In Favor of Hobby Lobby”


1.  “Hobby Lobby wins enormous victory in federal court”  – Federal court issues injunction requiring Hobby Lobby to not purchase health insurance plans that provide abortion-inducing drugs to their employees.  (The Aquila Report)

“Today the Christian-owned company has won an enormous victory. A federal court has issued an injunction so that Hobby Lobby will not be required to purchase insurance plans that provide abortion-inducing drugs to their employees. The Obamacare mandate would require them to purchase the coverage or face crippling fines. The federal court says otherwise.  Specifically, the court’s ruling says that the owners’ “rights” are “substantially burdened by the contraceptive-coverage requirement” and that the mandate causes “an irreparable harm” to the company.” – Denny Burk, The Aquila Report

2.  “7 Ways Satan Tries To Destroy a Church” – Ron Edmondson gives seven ways Satan tries to destroy a church.” (Christian Post)

3.  “Is ‘Background Information’ Ever Necessary to Understand the Bible?” – Is background information important or not important in understanding a passage in Scripture?  (The Gospel Coalition)

4.  “12 Most Compelling Reasons to Homeschool Your Children” – Lisa Nielsen, a former public school educator and administrator, gives twelve compelling reasons to homeschool your children.  (12 Most)

5. “Mormon church to end door-to-door missionary practice?” –  Is the Mormon Church considering ending door-to-door missionary practice to concentrate on social media?  (Beaumont Enterprise)


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