News of Note: “City of Detroit Files for Bankruptcy”


1. “Once-Mighty Motor City Files for Bankruptcy” –   Detroit files for bankruptcy. (ABC News)

“Once the very symbol of American industrial might, Detroit became the biggest U.S. city to file for bankruptcy Thursday, its finances ravaged and its neighborhoods hollowed out by a long, slow decline in population and auto manufacturing.  The filing, which had been feared for months, put the city on an uncertain path that could mean laying off municipal employees, selling off assets, raising fees and scaling back basic services such as trash collection and snow plowing, which have already been slashed.” – Corey Willams and Ed White, ABC News

2.  Child Frozen in Time  

“Brooke Greenberg’s ‘Syndrome X’ Condition Defies Age, Baffles Doctors” –  A child now twenty who has stoppped growing and developing since the age of five baffles doctors.  (The Huffington Post)

“Brooke Greenberg may appear to be no older than 4 or 5, but the girl, who suffers from a mysterious medical disorder, is actually 20 years old. Her extremely rare condition, dubbed “Syndrome X,” has puzzled medical professionals for years. Even some of the world’s leading experts have been unable to find a medical precedent for her stunted development. However, one doctor believes that studying Brooke’s biology could offer clues to other mysteries of the human body.” – Sara Gates, Huffington Post

“Child Frozen In Time – My Shocking Story”  –  Christian Post on Brooke Greenberg’s story.  (Christian Post)

3.  “Too Many Churches in North America Are Playing the Number Game” – J.I. Packer on churches relying too much on numbers.  (The Gospel Coalition)

4.   “Indulgences for following the Pope on Twitter?”

 “Vatican Tweaks Indulgences for Tweeting” – The Vatican promoting indulgences for anyone who follows the Pope on Twitter? 

“The Vatican is offering indulgences, a reduction of time spent in purgatory, to those who follow Pope Francis on Twitter during World Youth Day. As foolish as this sounds to intelligent people, we must wonder when will Catholics wake up and realize their religion teaches a false and fatal gospel that leads them on the broad road to destruction? How many more blatantly false teachings must come out of the Vatican before Catholics realized they have been deceived about life’s most critical issue – the salvation of their soul?” – Mike Gendron, Proclaiming the Gospel 

“Vatican Offers Time Off ‘Purgatory’ for Following Pope on Twitter During World Youth Day” – Christian News interviews Mike Gendron about the Catholic Church offering indulgences for anyone who follows Pope Francis on Twitter. (Christian News) 

5.   “Ministry Means War: Ten Pastoral Lessons Seminary Could Have Never Taught Me” –  Jeff Robinson gives ten pastoral lessons seminary could have never taught him.   (Founder’s Ministries)


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