News of Note: “Fuller Seminary Accepts LGBT Group on Its Campus”


1.   Fuller Seminary Accepts LGBT Student Group One Table on its Campus  (UPDATED:  July 16)

“Fuller Seminary Grants Official Recognition to First Homosexual Student Group” – Christian News reports on seminary accepting LGBT student group.  (Christian News) 

“Thirty years after an influential Christian seminary in California specifically labeled homosexuality a ‘concern,’ the school has officially accepted its first on-campus homosexual student group.” – Garrett Haley ,  Fuller Seminary Accepts LGBT Student Group One Table on its Campus 

“LGBT group finds acceptance at evangelical college” – Fuller Seminary’s apostasy continues by accepting LGBT group on its campus.  Fuller becomes the first evangelical seminary to accept an LGBT group on its campus.  (USA Today)

2. “Pastor Strawberry says true calling ahead, not baseball” – From all star baseball player, drug addict, to ordained minister, Darryl Strawberry finds redemption and his true calling.  (USA Today)

3.   “Love For a Bible Not Read: A Call For Biblical Literacy” – Al Mohler on the need for Christians to be more Biblically literate.  (The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary)

4. “The Atheist Daughter of a Notable Christian Apologist Shares Her Story – Sad story from Rachel Slick, daughter of apologist Matt Slick, who has now denied the faith and become an atheist. (Friendly Atheist)

5. “Yet One More Personal Take in the Aftermath of Trayvon Martin and the Zimmerman Verdict” – Thabiti Anyabwile on the Trayvon Martin verdict.  (Pure Church)

 ‘“From one man God made every nation (ethnicity) of men, that they should inhabit the whole earth…” (Acts 17:26). African-American fathers and mothers valiantly used that same passage to fight for the full humanity of both African Americans and every White people in this country. Now it seems we need a fresh appropriation of it to fight for a human self-understanding free of the lie of “race,” a lie that poisons everything. I’m tired of drinking that poison. So I’m committing myself to an open campaign of resistance–resistance to the tired old social script that never gets rewritten and always gets replayed, like reruns on the classic TV channel. I’m committing myself to being rigorous and tenacious in appropriating an ethnic and cultural identity free of race-based theory, intolerant of it, and hungry for a greater immersion into my identity in Jesus Christ. I’m committing to disentangling “race” from ethnicity and culture, to rejecting the former as a fiction and bringing the latter under the lordship of Christ. I’m committing to disentangling class, privilege, and cowardice. And I’m committing to being misunderstood by others so in love with the current categories they can’t imagine life differently. But what will I have lost if I’m misunderstood? Because men currently view skin the way we do, most of us are already misunderstood. I’m seizing a chance at a new understanding.’ – Thabiti Anyabwile, Pure Church

3 thoughts on “News of Note: “Fuller Seminary Accepts LGBT Group on Its Campus”

    • Please cite the chapter and verse where it is God’s “will” to promote homosexuality. If God changed His mind on homosexuality than did He change his mind on incest, bestiality, pedophilia, polyamory, polygamy, adultery, fornication and every other sexual distortion? Also, please cite chapter and verse with exegetical evidence where God ever endorsed and promoted anything other than gender distinction, heteronormativity, monogamy, and sex within the bounds of marriage and then please explain how any other alternative to the creation ontology for marriage adequately illustrates the bride/groom relationship Christ has with His church. BTW I have long been opposed to adultrey, fornication, stealing, lying, and murder does that make me “bigoted” against those who commit such?

  1. Fuller is no longer a Christian based school and those who are part of the LGBT are not Christians so the two should fit together like a hand and glove. My prayers for both to repent and come to faith.

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