News of Note: “Texas Bans Late Term Abortions”

Texas (2)

1. “Texas Passes Bill Banning Late Term Abortions”

“Texas Senate Passes Bill to Ban Late-Term Abortions Despite Abortion Mob” – Texas passes bill banning late term abortions. (LifeNews)

“Yet More Abortion Wins” – Bill Muelenberg’s commentary on the passing of Texas bill banning late term abortions. (Culture Watch)

“Life vs Death; Good vs Evil” – Bill Muehlenberg on Texas’ fight to pass bill banning late term abortions despite pro-abortion protests. (Culture Watch)

2. “Former ‘New Ager’ Classic Rock Radio Talk Show Host No Longer Hangs Up on Christians” – Christian Post interview with current KKLA host Frank Sontag who replaced Frank Pastore. (Christian Post)

3. “The Biggest Mistakes Young Preachers Make” – Tullian Tchividjian, Voddie Baucham, and Russell Moore discuss blunders young preachers make. (The Gospel Coalition); The following is the video interview with Baucham, Moore, and Tchividjian:

4. “9 Things You Should Know about John Calvin” – Joe Carter gives us nine things we should know about John Calvin. (The Gospel Coalition)

“(John) Calvin initially had no interest in being a pastor. While headed to Strasbourg he made a detour in Geneva where he met the local church leader William Farel. Calvin said he was only staying one night, but Farel argued that it was God’s will he remain in the city and become a pastor. When Calvin protested that he was a scholar, not a preacher, Farel swore a great oath that God would curse all Calvin’s studies unless he stayed in Geneva. Calvin later said, “”I felt as if God from heaven had laid his mighty hand upon me to stop me in my course—and I was so terror stricken that I did not continue my journey.” – Joe Carter, 9 Things You Should Know about John Calvin


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