News of Note: “YMCA Kicks Out Students for Wearing Pro-Life T-Shirts”

YMCA (2)

1. “YMCA Kicks Out Pro-life Students”

“YMCA Kicks Out Pro-Life Students” – YMCA in Austin, Texas kicks out students after receiving complaints about their pro-life t-shirts. (Fox News)

“A group of pro-life students from around the nation said they were banned from an Austin, Tex. YMCA after pro-choice activists complained about an agreement allowing the students to use the YMCA’s shower facilities.” – Todd Starnes, Fox News

“Texas YMCA Boots Pro-Life Student Group” – Todd Starnes’ updated article on the YMCA incident in Austin, Texas. (Christian Post)

2. “When Is a Ban on Abortions ‘Extreme’?” – Weekly Standard report on why Europe’s abortion laws are far more restrictive than America’s. (The Weekly Standard)

“The American left loves Western European democracies for their cultural sensibilities and for their policies on everything from crime to health care. One policy area where you won’t hear American liberals cite the European example, though, is abortion. The reason is simple: Abortion law is far more restrictive in Europe than in the United States. As the table below shows, 16 of 18 countries on the continent limit abortion to the first trimester of pregnancy (with certain exceptions in various countries). The banning of late-term abortions now being considered in the House of Representatives and some American states would seem only civilized to most Europeans.” – Jon A. Shields, The Weekly Standard

3. “Pastoral Bullies” – Sam Storms describes some characteristics of a pastoral bully. (The Aquila Report)

4. “Civility, bullying and same-sex marriage” – Ryan T. Anderson on the consequences of same sex marriage proponents scorched earth policy. (Kansas City Star)

‘(Supreme Court Justice Anthony) Kennedy’s words highlight a larger cultural dynamic: The principal strategy of the forces that have worked for 20 years to redefine marriage to include same-sex unions has been cultural intimidation -bullying others by threatening the stigma of being “haters” and “bigots.” Marriage re-definers don’t tend to say what many opponents have said, that this is a difficult question on which reasonable people of goodwill can disagree. No, they’ve said anyone who disagrees with them is the equivalent of a racist. They’ve sent a clear message: If you stand up for marriage, we will, with the help of our friends in the media, demonize and marginalize you. This kind of grotesque incivility is toxic for any democratic community. And the fact that it has found its way into a majority opinion of the Supreme Court is not only outrageous but frightening.’ – Ryan T. Anderson, Kansas City Star

5. “E:60 – Perfect” – ESPN story about father who changed his mind about aborting his down syndrome child, and then started running marathons with her. (E:60)


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