News of Note: Preacher Arrested In Great Britian for Calling Homosexuality a Sin Another Preacher Is Assaulted and Beaten in U.S. During Gay Pride Parade

Seattle (2)

1. One Evangelist Arrested in Great Britain and Another Evangelist is Assaulted and Beaten in U.S. for Calling Homosexuality a Sin

“Preacher Arrested for Calling Homosexuality a Sin” – Evangelist was arrested by British police for calling homosexuality a sin during open air sermon. (Fox News); YouTube video of Tony Miano’s open air sermon prior to his arrest :

“Street preachers assaulted and beaten at gay pride rally” – Street preachers assaulted and beaten at gay pride rally in Seattle. (

“Christian Preachers Brutally Beaten at Gay Pride Festival” – Todd Starnes reports on the beating of preachers in Seattle. (Fox News); Here is the YouTube video of the incident in Seattle:

2. “IRS Could Revoke Non-Profit Status for Religious Institutions over Same-Sex Marriage” – Breibart reports that the IRS could revoke non-profit status to churches in states that allow gay marriage for refusing to marry gay couples. (Breibart)

3. “Gay Marriage Fight Now Becomes a Religious Liberty Fight” – Why the gay marriage fight is now becoming a religious liberty fight for Christians. (Washington Examiner)

“Today’s talk of tolerance and acceptance of gay marriage will soon give way to intolerance and rejection of those who hold a traditional view of marriage. The next offensive in this culture war will involve wielding government to force individuals to accept the new definition of marriage, falsely invoking analogies to civil rights. As a prototype, consider the assault on the liberty of Elaine Huguenin, the wedding photographer in New Mexico. In 2006, a couple asked her to photograph their wedding. When she learned the couple were lesbians, she declined, explaining that pursuant to her faith, she only photographed man-woman weddings. The couple got a different photographer, but they sued Huguenin. In New Mexico, there is no gay marriage. In a recent poll, most New Mexicans said they oppose gay marriage. But the state outlaws discrimination based on sexual orientation. The New Mexico Human Rights Commission found Huguenin had broken the law, and ordered her to pay $7,000. Huguenin, with the aide of the pro-bono civil liberties law firm Alliance Defense Fund, has sued and the case is now before state Supreme Court. Try to live your own life according to traditional values, and the state will come after you, and compel you live according to its values.” – Timothy P. Carney, Washington Examiner

4. “Why Pastors Should Consider Smaller Churches” – Reggie Warren on why pastors should consider small churches. (


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