Notable Quotable: “The Tragic Collapse of Exodus International” – Al Mohler


“The statements from Alan Chambers and Exodus International indicate that they have lost confidence in both the Bible and the Gospel of Jesus Christ,” (Albert) Mohler said.

“The normalization of homosexuality contradicts the Bible’s consistent condemnation of all same-sex sexuality as sin. The rejection of the hope for change for homosexuals (as for all sinners) indicates a tragic loss of confidence in the Gospel of Jesus Christ,” Mohler said.

“In that light, he added, “it is far better for the ministry to disband than to misrepresent the Christian community and the Gospel.”

“Chambers’ personal comments, Mohler said, “are both troubling and confusing,” particularly his statements about sin.

“While Alan Chambers is right when he insists that our beliefs do not center on ‘sin’ because ‘sin’ isn’t at the center of our faith, he seems to have lost sight of the fact that Christ came to save us from our sin,” Mohler said. “Thus, sin is inseparable from our story of salvation in Christ.”

“The news of Exodus International’s closing makes for a sad day for the Christian church, Mohler said, because the collapse of any ministry that had once served the cause of the Gospel is a tragedy. He noted that this collapse was progressive, not instantaneous.

“The greatest tragedy is that persons experiencing same-sex attractions or involved in same-sex sexuality will be further confused by the capitulation of Exodus International,” Mohler said.

(Erin Roach quoting Al Mohler on Exodus International Alan Chamber’s apology to the gay community and his decision to end Exodus International’s ministry to homosexuals, “Exodus Int’l closes after Chambers’ apology’, Baptist Press)


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