Notable Quotable: “The Capitulation and Apostasy of Exodus International” – Douglas Wilson


“I want first to note the obvious thing about this (Exodus International’s apology to gay community), and then two others things that are perhaps not so obvious. The obvious thing is that this is a capitulation, a collapse, an apostasy, a travesty, and a moon crater. This is an instance of an organization that existed to call men and women to biblical repentance, and has wound up repenting of their belief in the need for any such repentance. So here is the first lesson — never repent of repenting. Bad idea.

“A couple not so obvious things. This was an organization clearly dependent, in an unhealthy way, on one guy. It was a parachurch organization, and its governmental structure was plainly not built for the ages. Like so many evangelical parachurch operations, it appears to have been the kind of thing that revolved around its personali . . . its president in a way that ceded way too much authority to him. The mainline denominations are all going through this very same apostasy, but notice for them how agonizingly slowly it has gone. This is because there is still some measure of accountability there, and thus the possibility of effective opposition.

“And last, note how the apology is phrased — we, the bad guys of Exodus International “were imprisoned” in what we were doing. We were the bad guys, but . . . but we were victims too! Alan Chambers has bet on the wrong horse, but you can understand why he did. The path of ambition today seems to require attaining victim status somehow, and Chambers has identified what he thinks is the way. “We were trapped . . . trapped . . . it was dark, hard to breath . . .”

“In my mind’s eye, I can see when Lot was leaving Sodom, how there was a group of men at the city limits laughing at him. “You know,” they said, “you’re on the wrong side of history.” Lot’s wife nodded slightly, wishing she had married that Chambers fellow instead.”

(Douglas Wilson on Alan Chamber’s apology to the gay community and shutting down Exodus International, “A Moon Crater” , Blog and Mablog)


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