News of Note: Tabletalk Interview With Rev. Abdul Saleeb About Islam and Reaching Muslims for Christ

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1. “Reaching Muslims with the Gospel of God: An Interview with Abdul Saleeb” – Table Talk interviews Rev. Abdul Saleeb about Islam, the complexities of Islam, and reaching Muslims for Christ. (Ligonier Ministries)

2. “Barack Obama: The Ghost of Columbia University” – Former classmate of Barack Obama at Columbia University claims that he and other classmates of the same graduating class never saw Obama attend classes at the university. (The Blaze)

3. “My Apology to Mormon Readers” – Mormon reader wants Mike Adams to apologize for calling Mormons non-Christian. (

“I am sorry that so many of my Mormon readers have brazenly accused me of ignorance of their religion and suggested that I read the Book of Mormon. I am sorry that they were unaware that I read the Book of Mormon back in 2006. I am sorry that the science of genetics has refuted claims made in the Book of Mormon concerning the relationship between Native Americans and Semitic people. These refutations undermine the entire historical premise of the Book of Mormon. I am also sorry that while archeological discovery supports the claims of the Bible it clearly does not support the claims of the Book of Mormon. Battles that were supposed to have occurred in specific locations in North America simply never took place. The archeological evidence just isn’t there. I am sorry about the plagiarism of the Holy Bible that runs through the Book of Mormon. I am sorry that Mormons cannot see that Joseph Smith’s refusal to reveal the golden tablets is strong evidence of their nonexistence. The heavy plagiarism in the Book of Mormon puts the lie to the rest of the story of Smith, the former seeker of the lost treasures of Captain Kidd.” – Mike Adams, “My Apology to Mormon Readers”

4. “The Toughest Conversation I’m Glad I Had” – Garrett Kell recalls the difficulty sharing the Gospel with a family member. (The Gospel Coalition)

5. “What is A Sermon” – Southern Seminary answers “What is a sermon?” on this video presentation promoting this years The Expositor’s Summmit featuring Al Mohler, H.B. Charles, and Alistair Begg. (Southern Baptist Theological Seminary)

What Is a Sermon?

2013 The Expositors Summit Promo


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