Notable Quotable: “Supreme Court’s Decision to Strike Down DOMA Means Open Season for Marriage Traditionalists” – Rod Dreher


“(Supreme Court Justice Anthony) Scalia has chillingly illuminated the future for marriage traditionalists: the only reason to oppose same-sex marriage is hate. In constitutional law, there is no rational basis for supporting traditional marriage. Henceforth, the Court has declared open season on religious and social conservatives and their institutions. Given the majority’s holding that hatred is the only plausible explanation for denying same-sex marriage, I see no reason why the Supreme Court will not declare same-sex marriage a constitutional right.

“And the logic of the Court’s language here ought to put fear into the hearts of anyone who does not share the belief that homosexuality is morally neutral, or morally good. The Supreme Court says we are haters, full stop. You know the liberal mind: thoughtcrime cannot be allowed to exist. How can the federal government maintain a tax exemption for churches that hew to the Biblical teaching on homosexuality, given that the Supreme Court now has put opposition to homosexuality in the same category as racism? We live in interesting times.”

(Rod Dreher on Supreme Court Justice Anthony Scalia’s dissenting opinion to the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to strike down DOMA, “Scalia: ‘Open Season On Marriage Traditionalists’”, The American Conservative)


Notable Quotable: “The Real Problem With Gay Marriage – Restriction of Religious Liberty” – Ben Domenech


“The problem with gay marriage is not about gay people getting married – they’ve already been doing that, or living that way. The problem with gay marriage is not that it will redefine marriage into a less valuable social institution in the eyes of the populace – that is already happening, has been for decades, and will continue regardless of whether gays are added to it or not. And the problem with gay marriage is not about the slippery slope of what comes next – though yes, the legal battle over polyamory and polygamy is inevitably coming, as the principle of marriage equality demands it does (these relationships already exist below the radar, albeit with more poly than amory involved – of the 500 gay couples followed in the respected San Francisco study, about half of the partners have sex with someone else with their partner knowing).

“No, the real problem with gay marriage is that the nature of the marriage union is inherently entwined in the future of the first line of the Bill of Rights: our right to religious liberty. Orthodox believers of Christian, Muslim, and Jewish faiths were slow to understand this. I’m talking about something much bigger here than the discrimination lawsuits brought across the country against bakers and photographers: I’m talking about whether churches will be able to function as public entities in an era where their views on sin, particularly sexual sin, are in direct conflict with not just opinion but the law – and proselytizing those views from the pulpit or in the public square will be viewed as using the protection of religious expression to protect hateful speech.”

(Ben Domenech, “The Future of Religious Liberty”, ricochet)

News of Note: The Supreme Court Strikes Down DOMA; Same Sex Marriage Legal in California (UPDATED: Al Mohler, Jesse Johnson, and Peter Jones’ Commentaries; Rod Dreher on Justice Anthony Scalia’s Dissenting Opinion; Polygamists Celebrate Gay Marriage Decision)

Supreme_Court_Building jpeg

1. Decisions by U.S. Supreme Court on DOMA and California’s Proposition 8 (UPDATED: June 27)

“Pastors Hesitant to Comment on SCOTUS Gay Marriage Ruling” – Most Evangelical Pastors are hesitant to comment about Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage. (Christian Post)

“Public reaction from pastors to the United States Supreme Court’s decisions on the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and Proposition 8 was sparse and came slowly on Wednesday and did not include as many opinions as seen in the rapid-fire response by the general conservative Christian population.” – Alex Murashko, Christian Post

“Scotus Scotches the Scriptures.” – Dr. Peter Jones on the ramifications of the Supreme Court’s decision on the Christian church. (truthxchange)

“This action by the Supreme Court will create major divisions with the Body of Christ. The cracks have appeared but now they will becomes canyons. Some churches will be silent on the whole issue of sexual sin. Some will even justify homosexuality as a “good” thing. Others will seek to follow the clear teaching of Scripture and say what Paul said as he wrote to gay Rome: “For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek. For in it the righteousness of God is revealed…” (Rom 1:16-17) – Peter Jones

“Polygamists Celebrate Supreme Court’s Marriage Rulings” (Christian Post)

“While some same-sex marriage advocates have attempted to distance themselves from polygamists by saying the “slippery slope” argument is a myth, others have abandoned all pretense. Slate writer Jillian Keenan argued in her article “Legalize Polygamy!” that the practice is “no better or worse than homosexual marriage.” “Legalized polygamy in the United States is the constitutional, feminist and sex-positive choice,” she wrote.” – Daniel Distant, Christian Post

“Polygamists Celebrate Supreme Court’s Marriage Rulings” (Buzz Feed)

“Anne Wilde, a vocal advocate for polygamist rights who practiced the lifestyle herself until her husband died in 2003, praised the court’s decision as a sign that society’s stringent attachment to traditional “family values” is evolving. “I was very glad… The nuclear family, with a dad and a mom and two or three kids, is not the majority anymore,” said Wilde. “Now it’s grandparents taking care of kids, single parents, gay parents. I think people are more and more understanding that as consenting adults, we should be able to raise a family however we choose.” “We’re very happy with it,” said Joe Darger, a Utah-based polygamist who has three wives. “I think [the court] has taken a step in correcting some inequality, and that’s certainly something that’s going to trickle down and impact us.” – McKay Coppins, Buzz Feed

“Christian Groups React to Supreme Court’s Ruling in Favor of Homosexual ‘Marriage’” – Christian News reports Christian groups reaction to Supreme Court decisions. (Christian News)

“Michael Marcavage of the Philadelphia-based evangelistic ministry Repent America called the ruling “an act of high treason against the holy, Most High God.” “The reason why Christians fought to oppose attempts to redefine the Biblical institution of marriage is because we love God and our neighbor,” he said. “We love children and don’t want them to be raised in a nation that teaches them that it is permissible to live however one pleases. If God is not the standard of absolute truth, then who is?” “Romans 13 declares that those in civil government are to be ministers of God for good, not evil,” Marcavage continued. “Despite the court’s ruling, it is not — and never will be — a marriage before God, but only a mirage.” – Heather Clark, Christian News

“Where the Prop 8 ruling leaves us:” – Jesse Johnson on the Supreme Court’s decision on California’s Proposition 8, and the failure of the legal system. (The Cripplegate)

“2 lies behind the Prop 8 challenge” – (The Cripplegate)

“Waiting for the Other Shoe” — The Supreme Court Rules on Same-Sex Marriage – Al Mohler’s commentary on the Supreme Court decisions on gay marriage. (

“How Should Same-Sex Marriage Change the Church’s Witness?” – How the Supreme Court’s decision on same-sex marriage should change the church is our gospel witness and our marriage witness to the world. (Moore to the Point)

“Scalia: ‘Open Season On Marriage Traditionalists’” – Rod Dreher comments on Supreme Court Justice Anthony Scalia’s dissenting opinion on the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down DOMA, and to uphold the California Supreme Court’s decision on Proposition 8. (The American Conservative)

“A sweeping decision in the DOMA case” – Denny Burk on the DOMA and Proposition 8 rulings by the Supreme Court. (

“9 Things You Should Know About the Supreme Court’s Same-Sex Marriage Cases” – Joe Carter on 9 things we should know about the Supreme Court’s rulings on DOMA and gay marriage. (The Gospel Coalition)

“In Landmark Ruling, Supreme Court Strikes Down Defense Of Marriage Act” (Time Magazine)

“In a landmark 5-4 decision, the justices ruled that the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), passed by bipartisan majorities and signed by President Bill Clinton, is an unconstitutional violation of the Fifth Amendment.”

“In a separate 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court cleared the way for same-sex marriages to resume in California, ruling that those appealing to uphold the ban known as “Proposition 8″ did not have legal standing. The Court’s technical ruling — that outside appellants don’t have standing to defend a law if the state declines to defend it — is narrowly tailored and avoids a ruling on the constitutionality of all same-sex-marriage bans.”

“The Heart of the Issue on Legal Gay Marriage” – Denny Burk on Ben Domenech’s article “The Future of Religious Liberty”. (

2. “Surge in ‘digital dementia” – South Korean doctors are warning of the affects of digital dementia in young people as a result of overuse of smartphones and computers. (Telegraph U.K.)

3. “Nature Deficit Disorder — Is Your Child at Risk?” – Al Mohler reposts a 2005 article on children who no longer have a connection with the outdoors and nature due to the digital age. (

News of Note: “How Will the Supreme Court Rule on Gay Marriage”


1. Two articles from Denny Burk on the upcoming Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage and the closing of Exodus International

“How will the Supreme Court rule on gay marriage?” Denny Burk comments on the New York Times’ infographic (How the Court Could Rule on Same-Sex Marriage)
on how will the U.S. Supreme Court may rule on the gay marriage issue- (

“Wesley Hill comments on the end of Exodus International” – Denny Burk’s post on Wesley Hill’s First Things article (“After Exodus, What?”) on reparative therapy for homosexuals and the end of Exodus International. (

2. “The Southern Baptist Convention on Mental Illness and the Sufficiency of Scripture” – SBC’s new resolution on mental illness and the sufficiency of Scripture. (Grace and Truth)

3. “9 Things You Should Know About the Bible” – 9 things you should know about the Bible. (The Gospel Coalition)

4. “Why Seminary? Exhibit A: Joel Osteen” – Clint Archer gives one reason why potential pastors should attend seminary: Joel Osteen. (The Cripplegate)

News of Note: Exodus International Ends Ministry to Homosexuals After Apologizing to Homosexual Community

Exodus Intl.

Exodus International Ends Ministry

“Ex-Homosexual Ministry Closes Following Apology for Judging ‘Who’s Worthy of His Kingdom’” (Christian News)

“The closing of Exodus International is probably for the best, since it had already ceased to perform its original function of offering hope for changing one’s sexual orientation,” he wrote in a statement. “The ex-gay movement has nothing to apologize for. The message that ‘change is possible’ is a modest one. It does not mean that change is easy… But to apologize for saying ‘change is possible’ is to deny both human freedom and the transforming power of the Gospel of Christ.” – Heather Clark quoting Peter Sprigg of Family Research Council

“Exodus Int’l closes after Chambers’ apology” (Baptist Press)

“Exodus International, a decades-old ministry of helping people overcome homosexual behavior, announced it is closing down the same day its president, Alan Chambers, issued a public apology to people who have been hurt by the organization. “Exodus International is the prodigal’s older brother, trying to impose its will on God’s promises, and make judgments on who’s worthy of His Kingdom. God is calling us to be the Father — to welcome everyone, to love unhindered,” Chambers said in a written statement June 19, alluding also to the development of a new ministry to “reduce fear.” – Erin Roach, Baptist Press

“Group apologizes to gay community, shuts down ‘cure’ ministry” – CNN report on Exodus’ International’s Alan Chamber’s announcment that ministry will end its conversion therapy ministry to homosexuals. (CNN)

“A Moon Crater” – Doug Wilson on Exdous International’s apology to the gay community. (Blog and Mablog)

“Back to Egypt for Exodus International?” – Denny Burk on Exodus International’s road back to Egypt. (

Notable Quotable: “The Tragic Collapse of Exodus International” – Al Mohler


“The statements from Alan Chambers and Exodus International indicate that they have lost confidence in both the Bible and the Gospel of Jesus Christ,” (Albert) Mohler said.

“The normalization of homosexuality contradicts the Bible’s consistent condemnation of all same-sex sexuality as sin. The rejection of the hope for change for homosexuals (as for all sinners) indicates a tragic loss of confidence in the Gospel of Jesus Christ,” Mohler said.

“In that light, he added, “it is far better for the ministry to disband than to misrepresent the Christian community and the Gospel.”

“Chambers’ personal comments, Mohler said, “are both troubling and confusing,” particularly his statements about sin.

“While Alan Chambers is right when he insists that our beliefs do not center on ‘sin’ because ‘sin’ isn’t at the center of our faith, he seems to have lost sight of the fact that Christ came to save us from our sin,” Mohler said. “Thus, sin is inseparable from our story of salvation in Christ.”

“The news of Exodus International’s closing makes for a sad day for the Christian church, Mohler said, because the collapse of any ministry that had once served the cause of the Gospel is a tragedy. He noted that this collapse was progressive, not instantaneous.

“The greatest tragedy is that persons experiencing same-sex attractions or involved in same-sex sexuality will be further confused by the capitulation of Exodus International,” Mohler said.

(Erin Roach quoting Al Mohler on Exodus International Alan Chamber’s apology to the gay community and his decision to end Exodus International’s ministry to homosexuals, “Exodus Int’l closes after Chambers’ apology’, Baptist Press)

Notable Quotable: “The Capitulation and Apostasy of Exodus International” – Douglas Wilson


“I want first to note the obvious thing about this (Exodus International’s apology to gay community), and then two others things that are perhaps not so obvious. The obvious thing is that this is a capitulation, a collapse, an apostasy, a travesty, and a moon crater. This is an instance of an organization that existed to call men and women to biblical repentance, and has wound up repenting of their belief in the need for any such repentance. So here is the first lesson — never repent of repenting. Bad idea.

“A couple not so obvious things. This was an organization clearly dependent, in an unhealthy way, on one guy. It was a parachurch organization, and its governmental structure was plainly not built for the ages. Like so many evangelical parachurch operations, it appears to have been the kind of thing that revolved around its personali . . . its president in a way that ceded way too much authority to him. The mainline denominations are all going through this very same apostasy, but notice for them how agonizingly slowly it has gone. This is because there is still some measure of accountability there, and thus the possibility of effective opposition.

“And last, note how the apology is phrased — we, the bad guys of Exodus International “were imprisoned” in what we were doing. We were the bad guys, but . . . but we were victims too! Alan Chambers has bet on the wrong horse, but you can understand why he did. The path of ambition today seems to require attaining victim status somehow, and Chambers has identified what he thinks is the way. “We were trapped . . . trapped . . . it was dark, hard to breath . . .”

“In my mind’s eye, I can see when Lot was leaving Sodom, how there was a group of men at the city limits laughing at him. “You know,” they said, “you’re on the wrong side of history.” Lot’s wife nodded slightly, wishing she had married that Chambers fellow instead.”

(Douglas Wilson on Alan Chamber’s apology to the gay community and shutting down Exodus International, “A Moon Crater” , Blog and Mablog)

News of Note: Tabletalk Interview With Rev. Abdul Saleeb About Islam and Reaching Muslims for Christ

th[1] (2)

1. “Reaching Muslims with the Gospel of God: An Interview with Abdul Saleeb” – Table Talk interviews Rev. Abdul Saleeb about Islam, the complexities of Islam, and reaching Muslims for Christ. (Ligonier Ministries)

2. “Barack Obama: The Ghost of Columbia University” – Former classmate of Barack Obama at Columbia University claims that he and other classmates of the same graduating class never saw Obama attend classes at the university. (The Blaze)

3. “My Apology to Mormon Readers” – Mormon reader wants Mike Adams to apologize for calling Mormons non-Christian. (

“I am sorry that so many of my Mormon readers have brazenly accused me of ignorance of their religion and suggested that I read the Book of Mormon. I am sorry that they were unaware that I read the Book of Mormon back in 2006. I am sorry that the science of genetics has refuted claims made in the Book of Mormon concerning the relationship between Native Americans and Semitic people. These refutations undermine the entire historical premise of the Book of Mormon. I am also sorry that while archeological discovery supports the claims of the Bible it clearly does not support the claims of the Book of Mormon. Battles that were supposed to have occurred in specific locations in North America simply never took place. The archeological evidence just isn’t there. I am sorry about the plagiarism of the Holy Bible that runs through the Book of Mormon. I am sorry that Mormons cannot see that Joseph Smith’s refusal to reveal the golden tablets is strong evidence of their nonexistence. The heavy plagiarism in the Book of Mormon puts the lie to the rest of the story of Smith, the former seeker of the lost treasures of Captain Kidd.” – Mike Adams, “My Apology to Mormon Readers”

4. “The Toughest Conversation I’m Glad I Had” – Garrett Kell recalls the difficulty sharing the Gospel with a family member. (The Gospel Coalition)

5. “What is A Sermon” – Southern Seminary answers “What is a sermon?” on this video presentation promoting this years The Expositor’s Summmit featuring Al Mohler, H.B. Charles, and Alistair Begg. (Southern Baptist Theological Seminary)

What Is a Sermon?

2013 The Expositors Summit Promo

News of Note: “Passage of Gay Marriage Act in Great Britain Would Force Queen to Break God’s Sovereign Promise to Uphold God’s Law” (UPDATED: Great Britain’s House of Lords Overwhelmingly Pass Same-Sex Marriage Act; Possible Provisions for Churches Who Will Not Comply With Law)


1. Gay Marriage Act in Great Britain Passed by House of Lords (UPDATED)

“Lords give overwhelming backing to gay marriage” – House of Lords pass gay marriage bill. (Telegraph UK)

“After two days of intense debate, peers supported gay marriage by a margin of more than two to one. There will now be a series of other votes but the clear signal from the proceedings was that the legislation will now pass into law. The proposals have already split the Conservative Party, as half of its MPs opposed the legislation in the Commons last month. In a bid to appease religious leaders critical of the Bill, Baroness Stowell, the deputy Tory chief whip in the House of Lords, said that ministers will now consider changes to the legislation to offer churches further protection if they refuse to conduct same-sex marriage ceremonies.” – Peter Dominiczak, Robert Winnett and John Bingham; Telegraph UK

“Gay marriage would ‘force Queen to break sovereign promise'” – Passage of gay marriage act in Great Britain would force the Queen to break sovereign promise to uphold God’s law says former senior bishop. (The Telegraph UK)

“Bishop Nazir-Ali told the Daily Mail: “The idea of a constitutional monarchy comes from the Bible. Christians are told in the Bible to obey their rulers, unless the ruler tells us to do something God forbids. “Happily in this country we have a monarchy that has taken an oath of upholding God’s laws, and the present Queen has for years been faithful to that. We are praying that she continues to be faithful. But while she is faithful to the vows she has taken, in this country she has to act on the advice of her ministers.” – Alice Philipson, The Telegraph.

2. “The Real Reason Millennials Don’t Buy Cars and Homes” – Yahoo Finance article on reasons why millenials don’t buy cars and homes. (Yahoo Finance)

3. “Desecration and Titillation” – Tim Challies on the dangers of pornography and how it destroys the image of God in man and God’s intention for the church. (

“When you look at pornography you are participating in this mocking of the gospel. You are watching the violation of the gospel, you are enjoying the violation of the gospel, you are being aroused by it. God says, “I have given you this great picture of Christ and the church” and you watch that portrait be defaced and violated and mocked, and you enjoy it all the while. God says, “The purity of the sexual relationship points you to the purity of the love the Savior has for you.” And you say, “Right now I need a different kind of salvation from a different savior. A more satisfying kind, and one Christ did not supply at the cross. I need salvation only this god can provide.”” – Tim Challies, “Desecration and Titillation”

4. “7 Truths LGBT Kids Need to Hear from Homeschooling Parents” – Fred Butler responds to gay college student’s post complaining about Fudamentalist parents who home schooled him. (Hip and Thigh)

5. “Ten Fingers” – Jerry Vines recalls the 1979 election of Adrian Rogers as SBC President in Houston, Texas. (Jerry Vines Ministries)

News of Note: Lutherans (ELCA) Elect First Homosexual Bishop


1. “Lutherans Elect First Openly Homosexual ‘Bishop’” – The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America elects its first homosexual bishop. (Christian News)

“The vice of the sodomites is an unparalleled enormity,” Lutheran founder Martin Luther once stated, according to Ewald Martin Plass’ book What Luther Says: An Anthology. “It departs from the natural passion and desire, planted into nature by God, according to which the male has a passionate desire for the female. Sodomy craves what is entirely contrary to nature.” “Whence comes this perversion? Without a doubt it comes from the devil,” he continued. “After a man has once turned aside from the fear of God, the devil puts such great pressure upon his nature that he extinguishes the fire of natural desire and stirs up another, which is contrary to nature.” – Heather Clark quoting Martin Luther, Christian News

2. Tony Blair Shocks World By Stating the Obvious: “There Is a Problem within Islam” – David Wood on former British prime minister Tony Blair’s statement that there is a problem within Islam due to the recent murder of British soldier Lee Rigby. (Answering Muslims)

3. “10 Real Reasons Pastors Quit Too Soon” – Tim Peters of Church Leaders Magazine gives 10 reasons why pastors quit too soon. (

4. “Wanting a Mom and a Dad” – Eric Metaxas on the testimony of Dr. Robert Oscar Lopez, a bisexual, who was raised by lesbian parents, filing an amicus brief to the U.S. Supreme Court against the redefining of marriage. (BreakPoint Commentaries)

“One man who knows a little about this first-hand is Dr. Robert Oscar Lopez, who teaches at California State University at Northridge. Lopez, who says he’s bi-sexual, was raised by his lesbian mother and her partner. And while he’s for civil unions, he’s against redefining marriage. At “Public Discourse,” a website run by the Witherspoon Institute, Lopez writes of the great professional risk he took when he and Doug Mainwaring filed an amicus brief with the Supreme Court. Risky, because Lopez knows how vicious homosexual activists can sometimes be when anyone disputes their claims. Lopez is speaking out in part because he was asked to do so by others raised by same-sex partners, but who fear the repercussions of going public with their feelings. “Contrary to what the gay lobby claims, Lopez writes, children raised by same-sex parents “deeply feel the loss of a father or mother, no matter how much we love our gay parents.” These children know they are “powerless to stop the decision to deprive them of a father or mother,” he adds. And this decision comes with serious and often permanent consequences. For instance, they “feel disconnected from the gender cues of people around them,” and long for a role model of the opposite sex. While they love the people who raised them, they experience anger at their decision to deprive them of one or both biological parents—and “shame or guilt for resenting their loving parents.” – Eric Metaxas, Breakpoint Commentaries

5. “Shai linne talks about his song “Fal$e Teacher$” – Shai Linne explains why he did his song “Fal$e Teacher$” (YouTube)

Shai Linne interview:

Shai Linne’s “Fal$e Teacher$”