Notable Quotable: “Billy Graham, IRS, and a New Era for Christians” – Joe Carter


“And its not just the Tea Partiers. Christians who support traditional marriage are increasingly viewed as hateful bigots who are denying Americans their right to marry someone of the same sex. If Christians are committing such evil against their neighbors, the thinking goes, why shouldn’t organizations run by hateful bigots, like Billy Graham, receive extra-scrutiny?

“Within a few months this scandal will fade from memory, and all that will be left is the rules and regulations that are put in place to prevent further abuses. Closer scrutiny will likely prevent such direct harassment by the IRS from getting out of control in the future, but these incidents have revealed that Bible-believing Christians have fully entered an era when our values are considered not just wrong, but hostile and worthy of suppression. Are we prepared for the abuse that will come from being faithful to God’s Word?”

(Joe Carter, “Why Would the IRS Target Billy Graham?” , The Gospel Coaltion)


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