News of Note: “City of Dearborn, Michigan Issues Public Apology for Arresting Acts 17 Apologetics Missionaries at 2010 Arab Festival”


1. “City of Dearborn Apologizes for Arresting Christians at 2010 Arab Festival; Settlement Reached in Lawsuit” – City of Dearborn, Michigan apologizes for arrest of Christian missionaries Dr. Nabeel Qureshi, David Wood, and Paul Rezkalla from Acts 17 Apologetics ministries after the City lost the civil lawsuit that was filed against them. (Answering Muslims)

“After more than two years of intense motion practice and discovery, the City of Dearborn has agreed to enter into a settlement that includes a public apology for arresting several Christian missionaries who were peacefully preaching to Muslims at the Dearborn Arab International Festival in 2010. The American Freedom Law Center (AFLC), a national nonprofit Judeo-Christian law firm, is representing Dr. Nabeel Qureshi, David Wood, and Paul Rezkalla, who were thrown in jail on June 18, 2010, and charged with “breach of the peace” for their free speech activity.”

2. “The mass exodus of Christians from the Muslim world” – Raymond Ibrahim of Fox News reports that there is a mass exodus of Christians fleeing Muslim countries due to persecution. (Fox News)

3. “Not Whether But Which, As I Keep Saying” – Douglas Wilson on the decline of western culture as we once knew it. (Blog and Mablog)

“It is not whether we will have an established state religion, but rather which established state religion we will have. It is not whether our culture will serve a god, but rather which god it will serve. It is not whether we will impose morality with a law, but rather which morality we will impose with a law. It is not whether our culture will rest upon a blood sacrifice, but rather which blood sacrifice it will be. It is not whether we will discipline in terms of our public morality, but rather which group will be disciplined. Not whether, but which.” – Douglas Wilson

4. “Gay marriage: a case study in conformism” – A very insightful article on the gay marriage movement by Brendan O’Neill, a non-Christian, who has been labeled a “Marxist proletarian firebrand”. (Spiked)

“In liberal political circles, there has been almost a lemming-like lining up behind gay marriage. So last month, when Hillary Clinton, following Barack Obama, came out in support of gay marriage, there was a domino effect, or what one commentator called a ‘remarkably rapid shift’, in the US Senate. In three weeks, 14 senators ‘followed suit’ with Clinton, which ‘amounts to a senator changing position on same-sex marriage on average every day and a half’, as one report put it. Such is the expectation that every decent politician will embrace gay marriage that this week the Guardian published an article headlined ‘The final three: the Democratic senators against gay marriage’. It demanded to know when these three, whom of course it named and shamed, will ‘toe the party line’. Yes, that’s right – such is the entrenched respectability of gay marriage that we now see articles about the peculiar people who oppose it rather than about what would once have been seen as the weird people promoting it. Opponents of gay marriage are now treated by the press in the same way queer-rights agitators were in the past: as strange, depraved creatures, whose repenting and surrender to mainstream values we await with bated breath.” – Brendan O’Neill

5. “Rear Admiral Lee Addresses Restrictive Regulations on Religious Liberty” – Video of Rear Admiral William Lee’s National Day of Prayer speech concerning restrictive regulations on religious liberty. (YouTube)


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