News of Note: “Rear Admiral States that Religious Liberty for Christians in Military is Under Threat”


1. More About the Controversy Over U.S. Soldiers Practicing Their Faith

“Rear Admiral Says Religious Liberty Under Threat in Military’ – Rear Admiral William Lee confirms that religious liberty is under threat for Christians during National Day of Prayer speech. (Fox News)

“A high-ranking Coast Guard official said that religious liberty in the U.S. military is being threatened and that service members are being told to hide their faith in Christ, according to a taped remarks obtained by Fox News. “As one general so aptly put it – they expect us to check our religion in at the door – don’t bring that here,” Rear Admiral William Lee told a National Day of Prayer gathering on Capitol Hill. “Leaders like myself are feeling the constraints of rules and regulations and guidance issued by lawyers that put us in a tighter and tighter box regarding our constitutional right to express our religious faith.” – Todd Starnes

“Military of the Beast : Christians to be Court Martialed for expressing their faith” – Fox News interviews Ret. Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin about the controversy. (YouTube)

“Are Military Leaders and the MSM Embracing an Anti-Christian Extremist?” – The National Review’s commentary on the religious threat in the U.S. military. (National Review)

UPDATE: “Pentagon Responds to Concerns Over Proposed Punishment for Superiors Who Proselytize Subordinates” – The Pentagon responds to concerns over punishment for those prostelytize in the military. (Christian News)

“We work to ensure that all service members are free to exercise their Constitutional right to practice their religion — in a manner that is respectful of other individuals’ rights to follow their own belief systems; and in ways that are conducive to good order and discipline; and that do not detract from accomplishing the military mission,” the (Pentagon’s) statement concluded. However, Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), a Christian legal organization headquarted in Scottsdale, Arizona, states that it remains concerned over the matter. “We appreciate the Pentagon’s clarification, but little or no evidence exists of coercive proselytization in the military, so we are still troubled over what motivated the original comments,” stated attorney Joseph La Rue in a press release issued Thursday. “We wish to ensure that the Pentagon does not deny members of the armed services the basic freedoms that the Constitution guarantees all Americans. For that reason, Alliance Defending Freedom is serious about investigating this gross error.” – Heather Clark

2. “Viewpoint: In the War Over Christianity, Orthodoxy Is Winning” – Will Christian orthdoxy win in the end? Time Magazine’s Mary Eberstadt seems to think so based on trends within the mainline denominations. (Time Magazine)

3. “Why are Buddhist monks attacking Muslims?” – BBC News report on Buddhist monks attacking Muslims in Burma and Sri Lanka. (BBC News)


2 thoughts on “News of Note: “Rear Admiral States that Religious Liberty for Christians in Military is Under Threat”

  1. You should read this article, for while I understand your concern, the information you have posted is slightly out of date and inaccurate. When I first read your blog here, despite that I am not a Christian myself, I served in the U.S. Army and have faced my fair share of religious persecution in my life and this concerned me. I would hate to see my fellow veterans or current brothers and sisters in arms persecuted for their beliefs, especially as for all the persecution I have suffered it was never at the hands of my fellow soldiers.
    In fact when I was in, we were all just green. It didn’t matter what our faith was to the chaplains either. If you needed love, spiritual guidance and an friendly ear they were always there for you. So while your article concerned me, after doing a little digging around I found the resolution I linked above which shows a much more sensitive and caring end that came from this debacle. I hope it helps you find some comfort!

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