News of Note: “ESPN’s Chris Broussard’s Radio Interview About His Comments Concerning Jason Collins’ Homosexuality”


1. More Chris Broussard

“Interview With Chris Boussard At The Breakfast Club Power 105.1” – ESPN’S Chris Broussard’s radio interview about his comments about Jason Collins’ homosexuality. Answers numerous objections by radio hosts. (YouTube)

“Chris Broussard: A profile in courage” – Marvin Olasky’s article on Chris Broussard. (World Magazine)

“Homosexuality: six ways to love the sinner, hate the sin” – In light of the Chris Broussard/Jason Collins’ issue, Jesse Johnson gives six helpful ways to love the sinner, and hate the sin of homosexuality. (The Cripplegate)

2. “Polygamy, the next marriage battle?” – Will polygamy be the next marriage battle? Evan Lenow reviews Jillian Keenan’s article. (

“The current battle over marriage involves the definition of marriage. Proponents of same-sex marriage (and supporters of polygamy) consider marriage to be an intimate, emotional relationship between individuals. They offer no basis for discrimination according to gender or number. Thus, the “new” definition of marriage would allow for same-sex marriage and polygamy. If culture, and specifically the government, adopts this new definition of marriage, then Keenan is right. There will be no choice but to legalize polygamy as well as same-sex marriage. However, (’s Jillian) Keenan does not go far enough. Incest is the next step of progression. We could add to her argument above: “If a woman wants to marry a man, that’s great. If she wants to marry another woman, that’s great too. If she wants to marry a hipster, well — I suppose that’s the price of freedom.” The next line should read: “If she even wants to marry her brother, that’s her choice. This is the direction of the debate. Keenan has opened the door and publicly stated what others have been ridiculed for saying. The definition of marriage matters. A redefinition of marriage will undermine the entire concept of marriage that has been recognized throughout human history. As Chief Justice John Roberts stated during oral arguments before the Supreme Court: “If you tell a child that somebody has to be their friend, I suppose you can force the child to say, ‘This is my friend.’ But it changes the definition of what it means to be a friend.” If we tell people they can marry whomever they wish no matter the gender, number, or blood relationship, I suppose we could call that marriage. However, it changes the definition of what it means to be married.” – Evan Lenow

3. “Ambition” – Pastor Jon Speed looks at the sin of ambition and the life of David’s son Absalom. A must read for those that are in ministry. (The Informed Evangelist)

4. “Evangelist ‘Won’t Back Down’ From National Day of Prayer Event Despite Homosexual Activist Complaints” – Greg Laurie responds to requests from homosexual activists that he step down from National Day of Prayer events. (Christian News)


2 thoughts on “News of Note: “ESPN’s Chris Broussard’s Radio Interview About His Comments Concerning Jason Collins’ Homosexuality”

  1. The Broussard interview sounds solid for the most part, and I applaud him championing the faith. The only part where I wished he had been clearer is in making the distinction that, as he said, a real Christian is someone who, even if he falls and repents, is striving in his heart to please God. Yes, true. But in speaking to unbelievers I think it’s important to clarify that there is an initial point where we must first come to Christ and repent by placing our faith in Him and Him alone for salvation. Only subsequent to our embracing Christ as Savior and Lord do we receive the Holy Spirit and a new nature which then ENABLES us to desire what God desires and ENABLES us to strive to walk uprightly before Him. Otherwise my fear is that the world WILL read Chris’ comments as saying he’s perfect — even though I DON’T BELIEVE that’s what he’s saying. I think, from the sound of it, he legitimately knows Christ. The world is dead in sin, so unfortunately they’re going to hear ‘striving for holiness’ (paraphrase) as WORKS to merit God’s favor. I don’t think that’s what Chris intended. But I applaud him on the ‘born this way’ argument. Indeed we are all born with a propensity to sin and to certain sins. However, only by being ‘born again’ can we receive the new nature — the new man — who not only has the desire, but also the ABILITY to honor Christ, though we fall. I also thought he could have been clearer, when the question of Old Testament law came up, in clarifying that the Old Covenant Law was FULFILLED by Christ. He DID allude to this, but I thought it could have been a clearer delineation. He DID clarify by saying the moral law is still in effect — but I think it’s important to clarify WHY the moral law is in effect — because the MORAL LAW reveals the character of God — and this ties in to us being created in His image as moral beings. All in all though, BRAVO to the brother for being clear and patient in his explanation of the Scriptures, and for the willingness to undergo this trial to glorify the Lord.

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