News of Note: Cy Young Award Winner R.A. Dickey on Baseball, Suicide, Dealing with Sexual Abuse, and His Relationship with Christ


1. “R.A. Dickey Feature” – Interview with Toronto Blue Jays knuckleballer R.A. Dickey about his baseball career, sexual abuse, suicide, and how he dealt with it all by trusting in Christ. (YouTube)

2. “Can Christianity survive gay marriage?” – Gene Edward Veith comments on Rod Dreher’s American Conservative article “Sex After Christianity” . (Cranach)

3. “Death, Revolt, and Resurrection: A Tribute to Edith Schaeffer” – Richard and Nancy Pearcey’s tribute to Edith Schaeffer (The Pearcey Report)

4. “Boy Scout Pledge: Morally Straight Has Become Crooked” – Janet Parshall reflects on Boy Scouts of America founder Robert Baden-Powell’s original intent for the scouting movement. (Christian Post)

5. “ESPN on Jason Collins” – ESPN’s Chris Boussard calls pro basketball player Jason Collins’ homosexuality sinful and not reflective of a Christian life style. Here is Chris Broussard’s ESPN Segment. (YouTube)


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