Notable Quotable: “Attack on the Christian Adoption Movement?” – Jonathan Merritt


“Is this the best evidence Mother Jones can present for why Christians are such terrible people? That an evangelical denomination called on it’s members to get involved in “taking in [orphans], donating to adoptive families, or supporting hundreds of adoption ministries”? That they are igniting a movement to address the global orphan crisis through constructing an adoption culture in their churches?

“Oh, the horror.

“In the end, Kathryn Joyce curses the darkness without lighting a candle. She attempts to pour cold water on the Christian adoption movement, but her ideas for actually solving the orphan crisis that now affects more than 100 million children are more than lacking; they’re non-existent. We should expect more from even an unashamedly partisan publication like Mother Jones. Not to mention a writer who recently published a 352-page book on the subject.

“About the only thing Kathyrn Joyce gets right is that there is indeed an adoption movement sweeping through Christian churches and communities. Thousands of orphaned children have been given someone to call “mommy” and “daddy” as a result. Believers in America are finally waking up to their responsibility to demonstrate mercy to those in need—orphans, the poor, immigrants. These are trends that should be celebrated, not criticized.”

(Jonathan Merritt, “Mother Jones’ shameful attack on the Christian adoption movement”, Religion News Service)


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