News of Note: Why are Liberals Attacking the Christian Adoption Movement?


1. “Mother Jones’ shameful attack on the Christian adoption movement” – Jonathan Merritt responds to Kathryn Joyce’s Mother Jones article attacking the Christian adoption movement. (Religion News Network)

2. “Meet the family who sent six kids to college by age 12” – Family sends six kids to college by age 12. (

3. “Boy Scouts proposal: let in gay youth, keep out gay adults” – Boy Scouts of America propose to let gay youth in, and keep out gay adults. (Reuters); Also the New York Times article on the issue: “Boy Scouts Move to Lift Ban on Gay Youth Members” .

4. “France legalizes gay marriage after harsh debate” – French government legalizes gay marriage. (AP)

5. “A Basketball Blowout and Its Celebration Raise Theological Questions” – Christian school justifies running up score on weaker opponent by saying that they’re doing it for the glory of God. (New York Times)

6. “Wretched: You might be a false teacher if… .” – Todd Friel gives gives a few clues on how one may be a false teacher. (Wretched)


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