News of Note: Boston Marathon Bombing Aftermath (Special Feature)

Boston Marathon Bombing

“9 Things You Should Know About the Boston Marathon Bombing” – Joe Carter lists nine things you should know about the Boston Marathon bombing. (The Gospel Coalition)

“Understanding the Islamic Bombing of the Boston Marathon” – Do the Boston Marathon attacks have anything to do with Islam and the Quran? David Wood explains. (YouTube)

“Boston Bombing Victim Lingzi Lu Had Been Involved With Christian Student Ministry” – Victim of Boston Marathon bombing was involved with Christian ministry (Christian News)

“The Boston Bombers Were Outside Their House” – Christian couple describes the shoot out between Boston Marathon bombers and law enforcement officers outside their home. (Gospel Coalition)

Bill Maher Defending Christianity and Slamming Islam? (Conservative Videos). Here is the Bill Maher segment from YouTube:

“Heartfelt Rendition of the Star Spangled Banner by Boston Bruin Fans”

“Neil Diamond Sings Sweet Caroline at Fenway Park”


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