News of Note: “Study Shows that Decline in U.S. Church Attendance Is Due to Children’s Sports”


1. “The Final Four, Travel Teams and Empty Pews: Who Is Winning the Competition Between Sports and Religion?” – Recent study shows that children’s sports is one of the major reasons for declining attendance in churches in the U.S. and Canada. (Huffington Post)

“In a study of 16 declining congregations in the U.S. and Canada, the reason most cited by clergy and members for falling attendance was the secularization of Sunday, with many identifying children’s sports as most responsible. Researcher Stephen McMullin of Acadia Divinity College in Nova Scotia reported the findings in the current issue of the Review of Religious Research. “(Parents) will make sure Johnny goes to sports, but when it comes to church, I’ve just seen it over and over again, and even in our own congregation, the families that have children in sport will sacrifice church for the sake of their son or daughter’s sports program, so sports is another huge reason why our church is declining,” one pastor said.” – David Briggs

2. “BBC ‘provokes’ Christians with show that ‘sexualises Christ’” – BBC aired Easter program that suggested that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene. (The Christian Institute)

3. “Is the law a school master to lead us to Christ?” – What did Paul mean when he said that the law is a school master that leads us to Christ? Jesse Johnson explains. (The Cripplegate)

4. “Don Whitney: How Can I Be Sure I’m a Christian?” – Andy Naseli posts an article from Don Whitney on how one can be sure that he is a Christian. (Thoughts on Theology)

5. “Jeremy Irons on gay marriage: “Could a father not marry his son?” – Jeremy Irons poses a question about gay marriage. (


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