News of Note: Remembering the Cross and the Resurrection

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Remembering Good Friday and Anticipating Resurrection Sunday

“The Christian faith is not a mere collection of doctrines — a bag of truths. Christianity is a comprehensive truth claim that encompasses every aspect of revealed doctrine, but is centered in the gospel of Jesus Christ. And, as the apostolic preaching makes clear, the gospel is the priority.” – Al Mohler

“Of First Importance: The Cross and Resurrection at the Center” – Al Mohler on why the cross and the resurrection are central to Christian doctrine. (

“Expiation and Propitiation: Two Important Words This Good Friday” – R.C. Sproul explains two important aspects of the atonement; expiation and propitiation. (Ligonier Ministries)

“Why the Resurrection Changes Everything” – Why the resurrection of Christ matters. (The Gospel Coalition)

“Rise Indeed” – Michael Horton’s article on the historicity of the resurrection of Christ. (Out of the Horse’s Mouth)

“Powlison on Whether Sanctification Is Only by Remembering Justification” – David Powlinson on justification and sanctification. (The Gospel Coalition)


One thought on “News of Note: Remembering the Cross and the Resurrection

  1. While I do not agree that He was crucified and died on Friday as it is impossible to get three days and three nights in the grave for a Sunday resurrection no matter how one counts days I do agree that He did die and paid for our sins and arose after the third day for our justification.
    For those who question this I would point them to these two pages.

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