News of Note: “How to Get Beyond Sacred Cows in the Church”


1. “Five Steps to Get Beyond Sacred Cows in the Church” – Thorn Ranier gives five steps to get beyond sacred cows in church as they relate to ministry. (

2. “The Unitarian controversy over polyamory” – Gene Edward Veith comments on the Washington Post article about Unitartian Universalists desiring that polyamorist activists within their ranks remain silent. (

3. “Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz Slaps Down Anti-Gay Marriage Activist At Shareholder Meeting” – Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz reiterates stance on support of gay marriage during shareholders meeting. (Business Insider)

4. “A Christian Man’s Travel Plan” – Garrett Kell gives some wise counsel for how Christian leaders can stay accountable when traveling alone. (

5. “Why some people refuse to judge false teachers” – Todd Friel on why some people excuse false teachers. (Wretched)


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