News of Note: “20 Churches Leave Sovereign Grace Ministries Network Over Leadership Disputes”


1. “Up to 20 Churches Leaving SGM; Mahaney Response Compared to Watergate Scandal” – 20 churches leave Sovereign Grace Ministries network due to disputes over the leadership capabilities of C.J. Mahaney’s and it’s executive board. (Christian Post)

2. “If You Don’t Read Then You Shouldn’t Lead!” – Mez McConnell on why leaders should be readers. (20schemes)

3. “8 Pressures in Pastoral Ministry” – Joel R. Beeke and Terry D. Slachter list eight pressures pastors face. (Biblical Spirituality)

4. “Matthew Vines Launches ‘Reformation Project’ to Make Churches Gay-Affirming” – Matthew Vines wants to launch reformation to make churches gay affirming. (Christian Post)

5. “Church hounded from hotel over its traditional beliefs” – Hotel in Scotland refuses to rent conference space to Gilcomston Church after receiving complaints over church’s stance over homosexuality. (Christian Institute)

6. “Methodist University Expels Chick-fil-A From Campus” – Emory University removes Chick-fil-A from its campus. (Christian News)


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