News of Note: “Rob Bell and Other Celebrities Come Out for Gay Marriage”




1. More Rob Bell and Other Celebrities Coming Out In Support of Gay Marriage

“Rob Bell, Homosexuality, and the New Cultural Acceptance” – Owen Strachan explains why the new cultural virtue is the affirmation of homosexuality. (thoughtlife)

“No Hell Bell Comes Out in Support of Homosexuality, Tells ‘Narrow’ Christians to ‘Repent’” – Christian News’ report on Rob Bell’s support of homosexuality. (Christian News)

“Confronting Senator Portman’s use of scripture to affirm gay marriage” – Denny Burk on why Senator Portman’s use of Scripture to justify gay marriage is dangerous. (

“The Revolt of Intelligence Against “Marriage Equality”” – Rick Pearcey on why Republicans can no longer avoid the gay marriage issue. (The Pearcey Report)

2. Two Articles on Evangelism

“The Great Commission is Both Obligation and Gift” – Why the Holy Spirit’s role in evangelism is necessary. (The Gospel Coalition)

“4 Ways We Need to Grow in Evangelism” – J.D. Greear shows us four ways we need to grow in evangelism. (J.D. Greear)


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