News of Note: “Things to Consider Before Engaging in a Controversy”


1. “Consider Yourself” – Burk Parsons gives wise Biblical counsel before engaging yourself in a controversy. (Ligonier Ministries)

2. “Luis Palau: Why It Matters that Pope Francis Drinks Maté with Evangelicals” – Evangelical evangelist Luis Palau on why there will be improved relations between Evangelicals and Roman Catholics since his friend Pope Francis has been elected as Pope. In the article, Palau claims that Pope Francis really loves the Bible and believes in the “pure Gospel”. If this were true, then Francis would have left the Roman Catholic Church a long time ago. (Christianity Today)

3. “South Africa cardinal says pedophilia not a crime” – Cardinal Wilfrid Fox Napier claims that pedophilia is an illness and not a crime. (Reuters); Cardinal Napier later apologizes for the remarks (Christian Post)

4. “Rob Bell Comes Out Gay Affirming” – Ken Silva on Rob Bell announcing his support for gay marriage. (Apprising Ministries); The Huffington Post also has an article on Rob Bell’s announcement “Rob Bell Comes Out for Marriage Equality”.

5. “Blasphemous Bible Drama Performed By Middle, High School Students Gets Showtime Despite Outrage” – Massachusetts middle high school’s blasphemous play about the Bible called “The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told” is moving forward despite protests from area residents. Many Bible characters in the play are depicted as either homosexual or pro-homosexual (Christian News).

6. “The Yuck Factor” – Carl Trueman on why the argument for gay marraige was established years ago. (Reformation 21)


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