News of Note: “Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina is the New Pope”


1. Special Feature: Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina is New Pope

“Jesuit Pope Throned in Rome: Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina” – Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina is first Jesuit elected as Pope. (Christian News)

“Dr. Albert Mohler Reflects On Pope Francis” – Hugh Hewitt’s interview with Al Mohler on the political and religious significance of the new Pope. (

“Who Are the Jesuits? Why the First Jesuit Pope Could Signify the ‘New Evangelization’ of Christians” – Christian News Network’s Heather Clark on Pope Francis and the Jesuists. (Christian News)

“A friendly reminder: the Pope is (probably) the antichrist” – Jesse Johnson reviews Protestant history on why the Reformers and their successors called the Pope the antichrist. (The Cripplegate)

“Reprise: The ‘Gospel’ According to Rome” – Nathan Buesnitz compares the gospel according to Rome with the gospel according to Jesus Christ. (The Cripplegate)

2. “Ecuadorian Ex Presidential Candidate And Preacher, Nelson Zavala, Penalized For Homophobic Comments” – Ecuadorian ex-Presidential candidate Nelson Zavala is penalized for homophoic comments. (The Huffington Post)

3. “Luter addresses CP, Calvinism, gay marriage” – Interview with Southern Baptist Convention President Fred Luter on the SBC Cooperative Program, Calvinism, and gay marriage. (The Baptist Press)

“We’ve got preachers [who] are compromising the Scriptures,” Luter said. “We need pastors and preachers in this convention who are going to stand on the Word of God.” (SBC President Fred) Luter mentioned an interview he participated in the day after being elected as SBC president. During the interview a journalist asked him about his view of same-sex marriage and whether or not he agreed with President Obama’s stance on the issue. “On this issue I’m totally against the president,” he said. “Folks, we’re either going to be people of the Book or not. There’s just some things in Scripture that we cannot compromise on.” “We’ve got to preach it, we’ve got to live it, and we’ve got to stand on it.” (Excerpt from Shawn Hendricks’ interview with SBC President Fred Luter)


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