News of Note: “BBC to Air Controversial Radio Message Comparing Homosexuality to the Crucifixion of Christ”


1. “BBC to Compare Homosexuality to the Crucifixion of Christ” – Ken Ham’s post on BBC Radio airing a radio message on Easter comparing homosexuality to the crucifixion of Christ. (Answers in Genesis)

2. 2013 Shepherd’s Conference General Sessions and Seminar Sessions Available for Download – All general and seminar sessions from the 2013 Shepherd’s Conference are now available for download. (Shepherd’s Conference)

3. “Ten Things Pastors Wish They Knew Before They Became Pastors” – Thom Ranier gives ten things that pastors wish they knew before becoming pastors. (

4. “The Day of Atonement was a Copy of Christ’s Atonement” – Sinclair Ferguson on the atonement. (Ligonier Ministries)

5. (Noah’s) Ark Construction to Start This Year – AIG begins construction of full scale model of Noah’s Ark this year. Scheduled completion date is early 2016. (

6. “The Bible” History Channel Series: A Review The good, the bad, and the ugly – The Aquila Report’s review of History Channel’s “The Bible”. (The Aquila Report)


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