News of Note: “Can Facebook Cause an Increase in Envy, Jealousy and Narcissim?”


1. Special Feature: Can Facebook cause an increase in envy, jealousy and narcissim?

“Don’t follow me, follow Jesus” – Adrian Warnock posts a conversation he had with his grandfather about Facebook. (Adrian Warnock)

“Recent Research Reveals How Facebook Causes Envy & Jealousy” – Frank Viola looks at social media from a Christian perspective. (Rediscovering the Supremacy of Christ)

“Is Facebook Making You Feel Bad About Yourself?” – Study shows that Facebook users feel envious and jealous over friends’ Facebook profiles. (Shine)

“Does Facebook Turn People Into Narcissists?” – Does Facebook attract narcissists or turn people into narcissists? (New York Times)

2. “Quit Looking For Your Soulmate, Because He/She Isn’t Out There” – Why Christians should stop looking for their soulmates? (The Blazing Center)

3. “Gay Rights Activists Bully Tebow, Christian University” – Will Tim Tebow back out of scheduled appearance again due to bullying by homosexual activists? Tebow is scheduled to speak at Liberty University. (Fox News)

4. “The Quest for The Next Big Thing” – Carl Trueman on why society and sometimes the church look for the next big thing. (Modern Reformation)

5. “Chávez’s Last Words and Yours” – Hugo Chavez’s last words before passing into eternity. (


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