News of Note: “Video Preview of Rob Bell’s New Book Compares God to an Oldsmobile”


1. Preview of Rob Bell’s New Book

“Rob Bell: In Modern World, God Is Becoming Irrelevant Like Oldsmobiles” – Report on Rob Bell’s new video preview of his upcoming book. (Christian Post)

“What we talk about when we talk about Oldsmobiles” – Rob Bell compares God to an Oldsmobile? (utter blasphemy) Denny Burk explains. Here is Bell’s YouTube promo for the book.

2. “‘Lifestyle Liberalism’ & Its Consequences” – A liberal family learns the consequences of living a liberal lifestyle. (The American Conservative)

3. “R.C. Sproul Jr. – The Church’s Silence on the Abortion Issue” – YouTube video from 2010 with R.C. Sproul, Jr. explaining the church’s silence on the abortion issue.

4. Two Gospel Coalition Articles by Jonathan Leeman and Joe Carter

“Create a Contrast Culture in Your Church” – Jonathan Leeman explains how a church can develop and cultivate a culture of discipling, of evangelism, of mutual care and hospitality.

“Canadian Supreme Court Ruling Has Implications for Christian Witness” – What are the implications of the Canadian Court’s ruling on hate speech? Joe Carter explains.

“Although Jesus said “the truth will set you free,” in Canada speaking the same truths proclaimed in God’s Word could potentially land Christians in jail.” – Joe Carter


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