“Traveling at Light Speed Towards Gomorrah: On Boy Scouts, Pedophilia, Bathrooms, and Polyamorous Relationships, Part 1” – Tony Zabala

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In Robert Bork’s 1996 book, “Slouching Towards Gomorrah: Modern Liberalism and American Decline”, Bork described the cultural decline of the U.S due to the influence of liberalism and the rise of the New Left. In that book, Bork listed the legalization of abortion, and the promotion of feminism and euthanasia by the New Left as evidences of the cultural decline of our society.

I wonder what Bork, now deceased, would be thinking about our cultural decline now. Our culture seemingly wants to “travel at light speed towards Gomorrah” (playing on Bork’s title to his bestselling work). Here is want has happened a few short months since Bork’s death.

The Boy Scouts Issue

This January reports surfaced that the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) was considering dropping their long standing policy regarding the refusal of membership to homosexual scouts and leaders. Apparently, the leadership in the BSA was being pressured by corporate sponsors such as Apple and Intel. These companies threatened to pull financial support from the BSA if they continued with their policy. Homosexual activists and their supporters have been pressuring these corporations to pull their financial support. BSA was supposed to make a decision regarding this policy in January, but delayed its decision until a later date. Adding fuel to the fire, the California State Legislature this week has proposed a bill against BSA chapters in California.1 Their proposal is to deny tax exempt status to those BSA chapters who exclude homosexual membership.

The Push for the Acceptance of Pedophilia

According to a recent Los Angeles Times article, educators and scientists are now taking a different view toward pedophilia. Researchers and educators in the U.S. and Canada have now come to the conclusion that we have been wrong all along about pedophilia because we have been wrong about homosexuality. The Times article stated that:

“Like many forms of sexual deviance, pedophilia once was thought to stem from psychological influences early in life. Now, many experts view it as a sexual orientation as immutable as heterosexuality or homosexuality. It is a deep-rooted predisposition — limited almost entirely to men — that becomes clear during puberty and does not change.2

In addition, International Planned Parenthood (IPP) was exposed by World Net Daily in 2012 for publishing literature promoting the sexual rights of children.3 IPP published and distributed a pamphlet called “Exclaim! Young People’s Guide to ‘Sexual Rights: An IPPF declaration,” The pamphlet not only promoted the sexual rights of children, but advocated the “removal of parental involvement or spousal consent laws that prevent young people from seeking sexual and reproductive health services” as well.4 It is apparent that our culture is attempting to normalize pedophilia like it has homosexuality. If you think that such thinking has been regulated to academia and liberal organizations, think again.

I recently went evangelizing with my pastor at a local community college. We encountered a young lady who we witnessed to. During that conversation, she stated her belief in no moral absolutes. I proceeded to ask her if murder was wrong, and I used the example of ex-LAPD Officer Christopher Dorner who killed the daughter of a police official, her fiancé, and several police officers. She told me murder was not wrong because people have their reasons for murdering people. According to her reasoning, murderers should be rehabilitated rather than go to jail. I then asked her if pedophilia is wrong. Shockingly, she told my pastor and me, that pedophilia was acceptable since it was a cultural issue. She then proceeded to tell us that, in other cultures, it is normal for children to have sexual relations with adult males as a right-of-passage into adulthood.

Where do students get such ideas? These ideas come from the influence of liberal academia.

Francis Schaefer in his classic work “How Should We Then Live” articulately described that radical ideas are first given birth in academia in places such as Harvard, Princeton, Yale, and Berkeley. At first, these radical ideas are rejected and mocked by the general public. However, these ideas start to filter down through the major universities then through local colleges and public schools until finally it gets to the common man where these ideas become accepted by the majority of society. Unfortunately, due to social media, these radical ideas are being promoted and accepted at a faster rate.

The acceptance of pedophilia by this young lady we witnessed to is an example of how far this propaganda has reached the masses.

Next Time: Transgender bathrooms and polyamorous relationships

(Tony Zabala is currently the Evangelism Coordinator for the Santa Monica Church)

1 Heather Clark, “California Bill Seeks to Punish Boy Scouts for Prohibiting Homosexual Leaders, Members”, Christian News Network (February 25, 2013)

2 Alan Zarembo, “Many researchers taking a different view of pedophilia”, Los Angeles Times (January 2013)

3 Bob Unruh, “Planned Parenthood praises sexual pleasure for kids” , World Net Daily (October 2012)

4 Ibid


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