News of Note: “Six Types of Selfishness”


1. “Six Types of Selfishness” – R.W. Glenn describes six types of selfishness that are evident in his life and our lives as well. (Red Meat for the Soul)

2. “The Local Church is THE place for Biblical Counseling” – David Powlinson explains why the church is the place for Biblical counseling. (CCEF)

3. Two stories from Christian News Network:

“VA Passes Law to Bar Universities From Forcing Christian Clubs to Allow Non-Christian Leaders” – Virginia passes law barring universities from forcing Christian clubs to allow non-Christian leaders.

“Pregnant Woman Who Left Abortion Facility Returns Next Day to Help Save Lives” – Pregnant woman who was witnessed to by Christians at abortion clinic gives her life to Christ, and comes back the next day to help Christians at same abortion clinic. Here is a YouTube clip of Chet and Amanda Chase and Liz witnessing in front of the abortion clinic:

4. “Controversial Pastor Punches Back After Tebow Cancellation; Rips ‘Wimping Out’” – More from Pastor Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Church of Dallas on the Tebow situation. (CBS New York)

5. “Church Seeks Dismissal of Sex Abuse Lawsuit” – Sovereign Grace Ministries files motion to dismiss lawsuit for alleged child abuse allegations stating that Maryland courts can’t get involved in the internal affairs of church business. (MSNBC News)


One thought on “News of Note: “Six Types of Selfishness”

  1. It was very good to read the list of ways selfishness can manifest itself! No wonder I have been so miserable. It is true. I was glad for being exposed. 🙂

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