News of Note: “C. Everett Koop Goes Home to be with the Lord at 96”


1. “Former surgeon general C. Everett Koop dead at age 96” – C. Everett Koop former U.S. Surgeron General went home to be with the Lord at the age of 96. (USA Today)

2. “The New Modern Family? Woman and Two Men Raise Son in ‘Polyamorous’ Relationship” – Christian News post on ABC News featuring a polyamorous relationship between a woman living together with mulitple boyfriends under one roof. (Christian News)

3. “Words for Young, SBC Calvinist Firebrands” – Fred Butler gives some sound advice to young Calvinist firebrands. (Hip and Thigh)

4. “Is the Defense of Traditional Marriage Like the Defense of Slavery?” – Mark Tooley’s critique of United Methodist Pastor Adam Hamilton’s article in the Washington Post who compares the defense of traditional marriage to the defense of slavery. (Philosophcal Fragments)

5. “Pastor Jeffress’ Response to Cultured Despisers in the Media” – Denny Burk’s post on Pastor Robert Jeffress’ reply to the Tim Tebow issue. (


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