News of Note


1. “Do You Still Want to Be Like Mike?” – Matt Smethurt’s post on the ESPN interview with Michael Jordan as he turns 50. Smethurst’s article reveals a sad portrayal of an aging and dissatisfied Jordan whose only passion is the game of basketball and how he has been attempting to find ways to satisfy his insatiable drive for competition ever since his retirement. The article also shows that Jordan’s egotism knows no bounds despite the fact that he seemingly has everything and everyone around him caters to his every whim. (The Gospel Coalition)

2. “Seven Ways To Pray for Your Prayer Life” – A post from Tim Challies on seven ways to pray for your prayer life. (

3. “Christian Founder of eHarmony Says Gay Marriage Debate ‘Damaged Company'” – Interview with eHarmony co-founder Neil Clark Warren who blames Focus In the Family and Christians for his legal troubles. (Christian Post)

4. “Southern Baptists urge Boy Scouts National Council members to keep ban on gay Scouts, leaders” – Southern Baptist Convention urges Boy Scouts National leaders to keep ban on gay scouts and leaders. (Washington Post)

5. “The death of a mentor, Howard Hendricks (1924-2013)” – A touching tribute by Denny Burk for long time Dallas Theological Seminary professor and author Howard Hendricks who went to be with the Lord. (; More from DTS on the life of Howard Hendricks in the article, “The Life of Howard G. “Prof” Hendricks“; The following is a video tribute to the “Prof”:


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