News of Note


1. “NBC Declares War on Christians” – Has NBC declared war against Christians? Fox News Todd Starnes reports on how NBC targets and ridicules Christianity and conservative evangelical Christians in their programs. (Fox News)

2. “Church Was Great! Let’s Not Talk About It” – Do you talk about the sermon and spiritual things after the Sunday service? Colin Marshall encourages us to talk about spiritual things as a means of cultivating and deepening our relationships within the body of Christ. (The Gospel Coalition)

3. “Biblical Economics Key to Real Reformation” – R.C. Sproul, Jr. on why Biblical economics may be the solution to the troubled U.S. economy. (Christian Broadcasting News Network)

4. “33 Signs You Might Be A Missionary‚Ķ” – James Rasbeary gives 33 signs that you might be a missionary. Hilarious. A must read. (The Lighthouse Keeper)

5. “Celebrity Preachers & The Bloggers They Love To Hate” – Zack Hunt on celebrity preachers and the bloggers they love to hate. (The American Jesus)

6. “Mother Who Chose Life Brings Baby Back to Abortion Facility to Thank Sidewalk Counselor” – Incredible story about a woman who changed her mind about aborting her baby after talking to Christian sidewalk counselor, John Barros outside an abortion clinic. Mother and father later thank Christian counselor for what he did, and both later profess faith in Jesus Christ. Barros later gives the couple a MacArthur Study Bible. (Christian News)


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