“eHarmony more like eCompromise: Neil Clark Warren and the Downfall of eHarmony.com” – Tony Zabala


Dr. Neil Clark Warren founder of the Christian dating service “eHarmony.com” was recently interviewed by the Christian Post (Christian Founder of eHarmony Says Gay Marriage Debate ‘Damaged Company’) about the lawsuits which were filed by homosexual activists against his company for discrimination. Homosexual activists at the time stated that they were discriminated against because “eHarmony” did not provide an equivalent dating service for homosexuals. There were multiple lawsuits filed during a period of time against eHarmony which were later settled out of court. As part of the 2008 settlement in New Jersey, eHarmony created a dating service called Compatible Partners which catered to same sex couples in 2009.

What is audacious about this interview is that Dr. Warren is now blaming Focus on the Family and Christians because of their rigid view concerning marriage and Scripture despite the fact that Focus on the Family helped and supported Dr. Warren develop eHarmony during its initial stages. Dr. Warren would later distance himself from Focus on the Family and Dr. Dobson when he and his company were involved in these lawsuits.

Dr. Warren in this article describes himself as a passionate Christian, but it seems more like he is a passionate compromiser and a betrayer of Christ more than a passionate Christian. Dr. Warren has bitten the hand that has fed him by distancing himself and blaming Dr. Dobson and Focus of Family during the time of his legal troubles. Moreover, eHarmony was promoted as a “Christian” dating service. How can you possibly promote something as Christian when you betray the very Christian values you once promoted such as the sanctity of marriage, fidelity, trust, and faith.

Dr. Warren also comments about the Christians who criticized him for settling the lawsuits and giving into the demands of homosexual activists by creating another dating service for same sex couples. Of course Christians are going criticize you for compromising your principles because it’s what Christians are supposed to do when one betrays the Christian values he supposedly promoted. It’s found in that book called the Bible.

These lawsuits against eHarmony at the time were the first major lawsuits against a Christian business. What could have been a valiant stand for truth and Christ by a Christian businessman was a major disappointment. In the end, it was filled with compromise and failure. Yes, Dr. Warren was able to keep his business by settling his lawsuits, but he lost his integrity and maybe even something more. Just ask Judas for one, and the rich young ruler when they preferred riches over Christ.

Tony Zabala is currently the Evangelism Coordinator for the Santa Monica Church


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