Notable Quotable: “The Only Lasting Solution to the Coming Persecution of Christians Is Evangelism” – Jesse Johnson


“Second, we should realize the apolitical nature of persecution without neglecting the political means of forestalling it. On the one hand, those who persecute Christians are not operating out of political ideology, as much as simply a hatred for the truth. On the other hand, in the US it appears that the means of persecution is through political channels. We need to find the balance of not looking to politics to save us, while also not neglecting the pursuit of a social framework that enables us to exercise our God-given rights as a matter of Christian testimony. We want to resist evil and defend those with no voice. We cannot simply welcome persecution if it can be forestalled, and to smilingly shrug and say hostility is inevitable is a breech of fidelity with the Word of God. Yet we must always remember that the only lasting solution to the love of evil in the world is evangelism—and even that is not so much a solution as it is the mission we are given by Jesus to begin with.” (Jesse Johnson, “Four responses to the coming persecution”, The Cripplegate)


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